1. W

    New motherboard for old system?

    Hi, My 6+ yr PC doesn't start. If i click power on, it tends to start, within 10 sec, powers off. Sometimes, within 20 sec. That's it. I thought it was SMPS, but a colleague tells me its the motherboard and confirms that it can't be SMPS. Actually I wanted to replace the board anyways as it...
  2. BakBob

    [Query] CoolerMaster Keyboard Backlight not working

    I bought a CMStorm Rapid-i about 6 months ago, and the some of the LEDs have stopped working. Where should I get these fixed? I'm pretty sure they're still under warranty.
  3. samaresh7

    Urgent: Need expert advise about Lenovo K3 Note..

    Ordered Lenovo K3 note today, but my friends are saying it has major heating problems, heats up to 50C...also many reviews in flipkart saying the same..should i cancel my order??. But some online reviews are saying that the heating issue is fixed after OTA updates..should i believe that?? I am...
  4. Rockstar11

    BSNL Why not for other circle??

    BSNL plan for Hyderabad BBG Combo ULD 611 offer unlimited broadband at 4Mbps up to 40GB and 1Mbps after crossing 40GB. The plan come at a monthly fixed charge of Rs 611 including 25 free calls to BSNL network without any fixed charge for telephone. and we are paying 675rs for 512 Kbps...
  5. S

    Best fixed deposit in India

    Best fixed deposit in India
  6. ico

    nVidia cards don't display full RGB colour in HDMI?

    Very very old issue. Since the beginning of time. Still not fixed. Fix is here: Nvidia cards don't display full RGB color via HDMI - here's a fix - PC Gamer Dunno what to do in Linux.
  7. R2K

    Any advantage of Investing money in LIC policy

    One of my relative is nagging me to take a LIC investment policy. I'm in my 20s and he said it will be really beneficial considering my premium amount will be considerably less compared to people in age group of 30s and 40s. I'm a noob when it comes to investment. I basically only save and...
  8. webdesigncut

    Benq/AOC/LG/dell 18.5" -budget 6k-- which one to buy ?

    hello friends, my lg monitor has most probably stopped working.. not sure it will get fixed or not so i am looking for some advise on buying 18.5 budget around 6k
  9. a_k_s_h_a_y

    bsnl broadband complaint link url

    hi guys I remember there was a URL where I posted a complain that my speed was still 2 mbps despite 4 mbps upgrade. Then they immediately fixed it . now my internet is down since 2 days, it says PPP Server link down/failed not connected. But ADSL link is up and fine. I want ot register a...
  10. lovedonator

    Which bike to buy?

    I'm planning on getting my first bike. The one thing worth keeping in mind is that I'm short. My height is just 5'5". Weight isn't that much of an issue as I go to gym and am fairly well built. Budget is not fixed. Absolute maximum is 150K. SO which bike to go for? R15,KTM Duke,Pulsar...
  11. X

    Auto Clicker in C++

    Okay so what I want to do is :- Create a program that can, say for example, switch to an already opened up google search page. Type in a given string and press enter. Once more. The google search page is open.[Type anything on and then THAT next page is the one ..] **So , the...
  12. X

    Auto Typer/Clicker in C++

    Okay so what I want to do is :- Create a program that can, say for example, switch to an already opened up google search page. Type in a given string and press enter. Once more. The google search page is open.[Type anything on and then THAT next page is the one ..] **So , the...
  13. tkin

    [Complaint] Micromax, the company run by Satan himself!!

    In this thread I'll explain why you should NEVER buy micromax products. Step By step description of my journey to hell: 1. Bought micromax funbook last june I think. 2. Ran like a beast for 2 months(played 1080p h264 to hdtv, what more can one want for 6k? Played ALL games). I was very...
  14. ajayritik

    Can the Sony MDR-EX10LP ear phones be repaired?

    I had bought Sony MDR-EX10LP Ear Phones almost an year ago. For the past couple of days I find that the left ear phone is not working. I tried checking with various devices and still it doesn't work. Can this be fixed? Currently I don't want to invest on a new pair of earphones? Can someone...
  15. ashis_lakra

    ICICI Fixed Deposit queries

    Hey Guys, Does ICICI offer EMI facility on Instant Credit card available against Fixed deposit ? I wish to use it on ebay / flipkart EMI option. Let me know if its possible.
  16. Hrishi

    [Issue]Mobile Phone (high-voltage)

    Well this may seem unusual , but one of my friend accidently passed 220v into his "Samsung Star" cell phone. THe charging pin and the wire accompanying it came in direct contact with 220v. The phone is no at all working right now.Seems like the circuit might have been burnt. I was wondering...
  17. M

    Asus VK278Q LCD monitor.. very unlucky:P

    Got 11 struck pixels on the monitor :OO then ran the struck pixel fixer and it fixed it. now i want to replace the damn monitor !! cause the struck pix are not much visible but they are there hiding .. called up asus the guy shall be coming today to check that hope he has good eye sight ...
  18. K

    New PC slows down while playing games...SOS

    Hi, I recently assembled a PC..the specifications are as follows.. i5 2400 processor, 2 tb wd hard disk 8 gb ram gigabyte ga-H61M-DS2 motherboard MSI AMD Radeon HD 6670 1 GB DDR 5 GPU.. Games like batman arkham city,skyrim,etc used to run pretty smoothly..but all of sudden there was a...
  19. S

    Computer Component Wholesale dealer in Bangalore

    Hi, Guyz i am new to this forum. I Got lots of Information regarding PC components and its features from the Forum members. I sincerely Thank you all for the information I Currently live in Thane (Mumbai) Would be shifting to Bangalore by June end. I need a gaming Rig.. i would like to...
  20. gurujee

    Best 14inch laptop on the earth

    Hi, want to gift a 13 to 14 inch laptop. Should be capable of running games in mid-res. My budget is 50 fixed. How is Asus ? but have no service centre at bhubaneswar.
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