Which bike to buy?


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I'm planning on getting my first bike. The one thing worth keeping in mind is that I'm short. My height is just 5'5". Weight isn't that much of an issue as I go to gym and am fairly well built. Budget is not fixed. Absolute maximum is 150K. SO which bike to go for? R15,KTM Duke,Pulsar 200NS,Apache RTR 180 ABS,CBR 150?


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For that height go with KTM duke or R15 V2.0.... Also stretch youre budget a bit and buy Ktm 390.


KTM Duke 200 is the best in 200 cc class. Trust me it'll blow you away, amazing throttle response. Great engine you can actually get intimidated by the power, and awesome handling. Riding position is odd but something you can get used to.


i gotta agree with everyone..KTM duke 200 is easily the best one among the bikes you've listed here. The Handling & performance of KTM duke 200 is in a league of its own..

However, If there's any absolute chance to increase your budget by 30k ( making it 180k), Consider the new rocking KTM DUKE 390 !!
It trumps Duke 200 in almost every department. For a extra 30k, you get incredible boost in performance & the drop in Mileage is very low.

If Budget is tight & 150k is the max. you can get at the moment, go for Duke 200 !!!


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KTM duke 200 is very good choice, however R15 V2 is good also when comes of styling etc. But as you said, you are well built then why not think about Royal Enfield, TB 350 or may be Classic 500


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The power provided by duke is just awesome but one thing you have to keep in mind and it is that the long journey for the pillion can be a problem since afrer some time the seat becomes uneasy to ride on otherwise a great bike and would suggest you to buy it.
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