1. I

    Need Help picking up CPU cooler (urgent)

    Hi guys, My intel i5 stock cooler went bad . And i need a replacement urgent. Budget - 2-3K max CPU - Intel i5 4690K MB - Gigabyte Z97 Case - Zebronics ZEB-888R Red Desire Im having trouble understanding whether the cooler will be fit on my case . My case info - Desire |...
  2. mitraark

    Small AC 9x10 room 1ton 5* or Inverter?

    Need to get an AC for a small room 9x10 and ceiling height of only 6.5 feet 1 ton should suffice I suppose, or can I go further below to 0.75 ? Also, not enough space is there on wall to fit the AC, have only about 1 meter length free space on the left side of the wall. The window occupies...
  3. A

    Need help in buying ASUS Strix GTX 970 regarding the lengths

    Hello, I want to buy ASUS Strix GTX 970 4GB and the card length is mentioned as 11 inches. And I am worried if it would fit in my Cooler Master Elite 311 Cabinet (old model, the one with the PSU in the top) with the hard drive bays intact. I know it will fit if the hard drive bay is removed...
  4. P

    Will Corsair H100i fit in my Deepcool Tesseract Sw Mid Tower Computer Case

    Hey Guys, I have a few overheating issues on I7 4790K because of which I need a better cooler than the stock one which seems to have gone kaput by the looks of it. As per the title, can the Corsair H100i fit my computer case which is Will Corsair H100i fit in my Deepcool Tesseract Sw Mid...
  5. A

    Will HIS R9 280X fit in my cabinet

    I have finally made up my mind to purchase this card but doubt if it would fit in my cabinet. Can someone please assist me with this? I opened up my cabinet to check this, card is about 30cm long and at about the same length, there is a steel plate which might obstruct the cables going into the...
  6. gdatuk

    The Lenova Flex 14

    I am looking to buy a laptop for home usage. Basically I will be using it for browsing, video chat, occasional movies. But i will also be using it while traveling. Hence I need a compact size and long battery life. I was looking into this Flex 14 and the i3 without graphics card was...
  7. aaruni

    RAM Module Does Not Fit Laptop

    I have HP-Pavillion-G6 2303-tx. I am upgrading the RAM in it, but only one of the slot seems to accept the module. I cannot get the module inserted inside the second slot. I have tried to reverse the seating of my two modules, but neither of them fit in the second slot. They fit in the first...
  8. R

    Which cabinet would be better?

    Hey Guys, I building a new PC and i have three options i'm considering: 1)Bitfenix Ronin. 2)Corsair Carbide 400r 3)CM N600 I would be fitting a Asus R9 280X or a HIS R9 280X (Deciding between those too!) I would like to know which would be a better fit for cooling. All suggestions...
  9. Dr. House

    Touchscreen not working in Vaio Fit

    Hello my friend has Vaio Fit laptop. For all who don't know Vaio Fit is a 15.6" touchscreen windows 8 laptop. The problem is it's touch has stopped working now. Any solution to fix?
  10. desai_amogh

    IEM under 1k with Soundmagic PL30 like design

    I have a problem, most IEMs don't fit my ears coz i believe my ear holes are smaller than usual (don't laugh plz :P). I used Soundmagic PL30 and found them gr8. They are prefect fit with small buds as they have a small area next to the buds which fits in the surface next tot he ear hole...
  11. S

    Slim and small m-ATX Cabinet for 3K

    My existing iball mid-tower cabby needs replacement. I need a slim and small cabby in which only m-ATX motherboard or smaller form factor motherboards can fit in(not ATX supported ones, as I do not intend to go for ATX based in the future). If there no slim ones, then please suggest a mini-tower...
  12. P

    Should go for a Lumia 720 or wait for the Lumia 625 to come?

    Was planning to buy a Lumia 720 this week and heard of the new Lumia 625 coming this Q3? Any guesses about the expected time when it will be available in the market and the expected price launch? As they say it to be an affordable big smartphone, would that fit in my pocket of 18-19k? I mean...
  13. D

    Sony VAIO fit and Fit E models

    Please share your views about vaio fit and fit-e models they seems to pretty good at specs providing full hd (1920p)display -- it would be nice to see real experience though , these models are avilable on sony webite SVF15219SN : VAIO® Fit 14E/15E : VAIO™ Laptop & Computer : Sony India
  14. A

    will coolermaster hyper 212 evo will fit?

    hey guyz thinking of buying coolermaster hyper212 evo but I am worried that will it fit in my cabinet ? my cabinet is iball rider gaming cabinet .and my motherboard is intel dh67bl will it support hyper 212 evo?
  15. R

    CPU cooler that fits in NZXT Gamma

    Hi there My PC's specs are AMD FX 8120 Gigabye 990XA-UD3 2+1 TB Hard Drive 160 gb Intel SSD 12 gb KVR Nvidia 550ti Corsair 500W power supply NZXT Gamma I'm looking for a CPU cooler and the budget is strictly Rs.2,500. I've heard great things about Hyper 212 EVO and...
  16. Lalit Kishore

    120mm wide rear tyre on Pulsar 135 LS?

    Pulsar 135 LS comes with rear stock tyre MRF Zapper C 100/90 17". Would it be ok to fit a 120/80 17" on it?? Brand suggestions as well please..
  17. harshilsharma63

    will the psu heat up?

    Hi, I'm using a Corsair cx430v2 with other parts you may see in my signature. Now, the PSU's fan is inside the cabinet, sucking air from within the cabinet, into the PSU. So, as summer arrives the air inside the cabinet will be pretty hot and the PSU will simply be passing this hot air through...
  18. a-raam

    Gigabyte GA-H61M-S2P-B3 Motherboard

    decided the Gigabyte GA-H61M-S2P-B3 Motherboard for friends pc. remaining parts are i3 3220 corsair vengeance 1x8 gb @1600 mhz sapphire hd 7850 2gb cm elite 431 corsair 500cx v2 i heard that the vengeance 8 gb does not fit into this motherboard properly. can anyone confirm ?? also...
  19. HorrayforPeePee

    Guide in building system for Radeon 7950

    Hey friends I need guide in asembling a pc for Sapphire Radeon 7950 Vapour x edition 3Gb is these good choice? Motherboard- intel desktop DH67BL CPU- Intel core i5 2500k RAM- Transcend DDR3 1333 4gb PSU- Corsair GS500 Monitor resolution- 1080p a Decent case- that would fit 7950 (obviously) if...
  20. S

    Most reasonable cabinet selection for Corsair PSU?

    Go for Coolermaster Elite 310 Case. Its a mid-tower that will fit your PSU.
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