Need Help picking up CPU cooler (urgent)


Right off the assembly line
Hi guys,

My intel i5 stock cooler went bad . And i need a replacement urgent.

Budget - 2-3K max
CPU - Intel i5 4690K
MB - Gigabyte Z97
Case - Zebronics ZEB-888R Red Desire

Im having trouble understanding whether the cooler will be fit on my case .

My case info - Desire | Cabinets | Intermediate | Zebronics - Always Ahea
There are 2 fans at side panel and i guess cooler can be 14 cm tall (measured from mother) . Some pics shows Cooler master fans are set up vertically facing. So im just confused with measuring.

Im looking at Cooler master 212x but it seems it wont fit or i can go for cooler master hyper 103 but not sure which will fit.

Please help me out. I kinda need it urgent.
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