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  1. H

    fifa 06

    i run windows xp sp2, whenever i try to install fifa 06 it gives me an error "you do not have access to make the required system modifications, rerun this installation from an administrative account". but i am running it from an administrative account. please help!
  2. ssdivisiongermany1933

    Germany reaches FIFA 2006 Semifinal

    The germans defeated the hot favorite Argentina in quater-finals in penalty shootout the score in shoot out was 4-2 . It was the good match but not not the best . but still i'm happy that germans are way through semis and hopefully get finals and Win this FIFA 2006 world . So best of luck to...
  3. P

    FIFA grafix??

    hi guyz.......whats wrong with fifa, its grafix sucks in computer........and there is no way i can increase its detail........if there is a way plz tell me!!
  4. S

    Fifa World Cup 2006

    Hi guys, I heard there is a new version called FIFA 2006 WORLD CUP game. Is this true. If yes, how is the game? -Sai
  5. ssk_the_gr8

    fifa 2005 saved game files

    i installed fifa on my d: drive my windows got corrupt and i had to reinstall it i had backed up all my files could someone please tell me where are my saved game files so i can use theam when i reinstall the game
  6. NikhilVerma

    Horribly slow gameplay with FIFA on LAN

    I played FIFA WC 2006 with my friend on lan and the game played at 2~3 fps for both of us ... Whereas in single player mode the game runs smoothly over 40fps on both our pcs.. I checked the ping time ... It's 1ms ... So no problems there .... So why is this happening ? The other games like...
  7. tiblu

    Microsoft announces launch plans for Xbox 360 in India

    India launch slated for pre-Diwali season. Announcement of the pre-order campaign in partnership with EA Sports and Adidas to coincide with the FIFA World Cup Guys Check this site . . . http://assets.xbox.com/en%2Din/news.htm
  8. S

    EA FIFA fans

    Any of you soccer fans there ? ( for fifa 06?) Reply with tips,tricks etc. I shall post some tips soon.
  9. ambrewz

    FIFA 06 Tournament at Technopoint on 1st MAY 2006..

    FIFA 06 TOURNAMENT Competition Method: 1 vs. 1 url: www.technopoint.in Forum : http://technopoint.phpbbweb.com/technopoint-ftopic25.html Place : Technopoint Address:- Shop No.2, Lotus Apts., Building No. 12, MAHDA Complex, Opp. Monginis cake shop, Near Oshiwara Police Station, Andheri...
  10. B

    fifa 06

    hey guys how do u do other freestyles apart from pressing shift and how do u do it with a 6 button joystick(WITHOUT ANALOG).....and wat r the formation things which pop out when i press keys from the num pad.i prefer you all giving me the link for tips and tricks in fifa 06 :wink:
  11. S

    Fifa 2006 problem

    I have a problem in playing FIFA 2006.And infact i had the same problem in the demo version also. 1.The whole menu,moves on its own.So it is very tough for me to select any option. 2.The same problem is with selecting the teams also.Infact,the opponent is switching teams and not selecting...
  12. ymhatre

    FIFA LOVERS : Extracting musics of Games

    8) again a new topic But can we extract music of games likee Fifa 2006, 2005.... They have some mind blowing tracks. Like for nees for speed MW u have music extractor at this link ... http://www.nfscars.net/file.php?do=info&section=nfs9&id=6193 is there such links for fifa 06 Dont...
  13. tarey_g

    Indiagames Joins Forces With EA

    EA AND INDIAGAMES PARTNER TO LAUNCH KEY SPORTS, SIMULATION AND RACING MOBILE GAMES IN INDIA Mumbai, Hong Kong, and Redwood City, CA -- November 30, 2005 – Electronic Arts (NASDAQ: ERTS), the world’s leading interactive entertainment company and Indiagames, a global leader in the...
  14. nix

    FIFA game tracks!

    FIFA game tracks are good. from FIFA 99 to FIFA 2005. some of them are good. Which are those? if anyone here can rem. they are good.
  15. rakee

    Fifa 2005 problem

    Someone please help My copy of Fifa 2005 installed without no problem. But whenever a corner kick is about to start the game freezes and returns to the desktop. Sometimes during gameplay the game suddenly freezes and returns to windows. It gives out an error message something like Memory...
  16. N

    What can I play on This?

    Well I got AMD 64 BIT Sampron 2500 1400Mhz, 512 DDR Ram & GeForce FX 5200 256 RAM + 128 Bit. Sata 80 GB HDD So can I play 1. AOE 3 2. Midtown MadnessII 3. NFS 6 4. Fifa 2005 6. Serious Sam 2 7. Quake ofcuz So does my system support all those?
  17. wizrulz

    Which is better out of, winning eleven or fifa06?

    Which is better out of, winning eleven or fifa06? I have grownup playing all fifa series. :) . But this time i am considering other options as fifa doesn't brings much of difference in its every year series.( at least i feel that). U can also suggest any other football game if its better...
  18. shyamno

    can't play fifa 2002 in win XP

    I am using WIN XP with 128 MB RAM but still can't play FIFA 2002.When I check the reqiurements it shows me that I am using WIN NT and my CPU speed id -2607MHz whereas mine is 2.6GHz.Except this all other requirements are alright.What is WIN NT ?And Plz sugest some sugestions.
  19. Yoda

    EA Sports - FIFA 06 Soccer

    Hello Friends, FIFA 06 Soccer is Released today for PC/XBox/PS2 and others... ScreenShots from EASportshttp://www.easports.com/games/fifa06/screenshots.jsp And when comes to playing I presume that, most of them will prefer to play PC Version of the Game. Heres some Desc...
  20. moshel

    PES 5 Demo out now

    hi The latest offering from PES is here. the Demo of Pes5 is out now. its 158 mb. i have not downloaded it cos it will charge me for it. but if someone downloads it pl tell me about it. and share your views http://downloads.soccergaming.com/download.php?id=00009912 FIFA 06 demo is already...
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