1. M

    Reviews on Soccer Games

    Hey Guys, Give ur Reviews on different FIFA games. Comments are welcomed :D
  2. moshel


    Hi guys guess what the FIFA 06 demo is out this time with commentary the file is 213 mb with commentary in english and french. head to these links to download * and to those who dont like FIFA/EA/Football please dont post any...
  3. cool_dude_prav

    [Problem] FIFA 2005 Cameras keep changing...

    Hello all FIFA fans, Plz help me. Im playing FIFA 2005 and whenever I get a corner kick... the camera angle gets changed to either End-to-End or Tele whereas my settings is for Action camera... I hate it when the camera changes... Anyone else experiencing this problem? Plz tell...
  4. M

    Suggestion needed!!!

    guys i need a catchy name for a Lan gaming tournament... the games in the tournament are NFSUG2,CS and FIFA... plz post on all the names u can think... cheers... :D
  5. S

    Screen Flickers In FIFA 2005

    I recently installed FIFA 2005....the problem is that when i run the game the screen flickers (a wide black rectangle keeps coming in between)...what might be causing this??.....i have a P4, 3GHz, 512 DDR, GFX 5200XT it because iam using an LCD monitor???......
  6. R

    updates patches for fifa 2005

    hi there does anyone know if any updates or patches of fifa 2005 hv been released???
  7. N

    pc restarts........without warning

    my pc is a p4 2.8ghz, 256mb ddr, 40 gb hdd, my mother board is intelD865GBF 200mhz. my pc just restarts while i am working on it. what can be the problem? i have noticed it happens more often while playing games like fifa and nfs.
  8. N

    Free Kicks in EA Fifa 2005

    hi im having problem how to take a free kick in fifa 2005. someone please help! * Topic Title Edited to make it more relevant. Sourabh
  9. R

    I need some help regarding fans

    My system configs are as follows: intel 915gav,256 mb ram, 40gb hard disk drive-7200 rpm, windows xp sp2. despite all these whenever I play games like rise of nations or fifa 2005, or any other game , the system heats up and causes a lot of noise. pl help
  10. M

    fifa 2001 dont works

    fifa 2001 dont works p4 2.8ghz 256 mb ram 64mb video card running on xp starts but while laoding comes back to desktop n then dont sjavascript:emoticon(':(')tarts
  11. A

    Fifa 2005

    Think Fifa 2005 is the best sports game ever made. What do you say? :P
  12. cooldip10

    Cheats man.. Cheats of FIFA 2005

    Hi there, PLZ give me cheats , hints & tricks of FIFA 2005. :)
  13. R

    FIFA 2002

    :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( What 2 say mates ! SP2 is thwarting me and my games ! HELP is needed in making the FIFA 2002 PC game run under WinXP+SP2 Tried compatibility mode, but when tried to run the game, the game says that "Fifa 2002 has not been installed correctly" REINSTALL...
  14. O

    help in fifa 05

    how to hit a bicycle kick ???
  15. G

    fifa 2005

    did anyone played it? i did, and i think it sucks. please post your comments on the game.
  16. Sourabh

    EA Announces New Titles

    Yesterday, EA announced new upcoming titles who are sheduled for release late 2005. Beside the obvious titles e.g. FIFA Football 2006, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, The Urbz 2, Need For Speed: Most Wanted, SSX 4 and Burnout 4, FIFA Street 2 was also announced but as you know, the first...
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