flatparty ?? really ?? -____-


so, recently a new social networking site was launched by Minister of State for Human Resource Development, Shashi Tharoor at an event in New Delhi last week.

The social-networking segment is continuously getting crowded despite being dominated by the likes of Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. The latest entrant to this space is Flatparty. Launched by Minister of State for Human Resource Development, Shashi Tharoor at an event in New Delhi last week, the new social networking website aims to connect users with their family and friends as well as targets the businesses.

In addition to basic social networking features such as multimedia sharing, Flatparty has a range of new features such as ability to send text message, manage events, organise meetings and conferences, track attendance of participants, groups.

The network also has blog, polls, forum, videos and music sections. The wide range of features are aimed at providing a platform to the general public, politicians, opinion leaders, etc. to connect their target public/ groups through this social networking site.
Responding to a question on issues related to online privacy, Anto Toms, CEO Flatparty, said the data of users on the social network is highly secure. He also said that Flatparty is only available for users above 13 years old
According to Mr. Anto Toms, the company will soon roll out mobile version of Flatparty. There are also plans to incorporate ads on the network in the near future.

“Flatparty is set to provide distinctive user experience and achieve leadership through innovative platform features, powered by superior technology, based on world-class research and development,” said Anto Toms while giving a presentation on the new network.

“With our new social networking platform, we leverage latest technology to connect and bring people closer and associate like-minded people in their areas of interests,” he added.
Flatparty: A new social networking website launched in India - Internet | ThinkDigit News

& please don't confuse it with FB. Its not like fb at all, or atleast they say so... :p

FB :

FP :

not at all like fb ??:nanananana::nanananana::banghead::wwe::wwe::goodjob::yeahright::facepalm:

P.S : sorry for so many smilies..I love these & wanted to use them for a long time. ;)


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It will be full of censorship and government officials can directly monitor what everyone is entering.


Simply a DIGITian
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Here are few images..!!

Home Page


I guess this kavita got real famous..!!


OMG, There's a Forum too..!!


Anyone can view all the member's album I guess..!!


I guess they have installed PHPFox - Social Networking Script

You can try a demo @ Social Networking Community - Powered By PHPFox

I have tried that, they have a Facebook Theme, which looks exactly like Facebook (or should I say flatparty :p) :D


Lost in speed
Yet another fb ripoff, but it's backed by our bigshots (specifically politicians i guess).
For me, it's an honeypot by government to track those who curse our govt.. :lol:


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I will not register, hell I won't even visit their website. Who knows they have some malware on their website & eat up all my personal data through cookies or java or flash or whatever :evil: .


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I was going through the sites Privacy Policy and I came across this :

2.5 Using the Service and the transmission of applicable data, if any, is subject to United States export controls. No Service or otherwise exported or re-exported in violation of U.S. export laws and will be at your sole risk.

If it really is an Indian site, why would we be bound by US export laws?

Clearly shows that this is a half baked product, no one even bothered to look up the privacy policy, which I believe is the default one that came with the website kit.
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