Xolo Q700 vs Xolo X500


Lava XOLO Q700 Price in India on 16 Jul, 2013, XOLO Q700 specifications, features & reviews | 91mobiles.com
Xolo Q700
Lava XOLO X500 Price in India on 16 Jul, 2013, XOLO X500 specifications, features & reviews | 91mobiles.com
Xolo X500

Not too much difference in prices, 500-1000 bucks at most.

Other than screen size and obvious processor differences, what makes either phone better? Or both have similar usage characteristics? Which one to pick?

Budget is 7-9k. Need it for dad (will prolly end up with me in the near future, so keep that in mind. Dad is not a power user, just needs calls and email checking facility)


Conversation Architect
Get Xolo Q700.Q700 has A7 quad core processor while X500 has atom processor due to ARM architecture Xolo Q700 will not face compatibility issues with applications but you may face this issue with X500.


Cyborg Agent
I had bought Xolo Q700 phone a couple of weeks ago. Awesome phone. It looks good too. Performance is more than adequate. It is the best sub-10K android phone.


Feeling Gravity
+1 For Xolo q700 as i have used xolo Q800. btw if you can extend a budget bit then around 10k you can buy Xolo Q800 Which has Got Better Camera and 1GB Ram so you can user heavy apps or game with ease on that IMO.


cant go for Q700 or Q800, way too big for handling comfortably.

im hoping to find a shop which sells x500 so i can have a look and feel of the device.
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