1. G

    script fault on every web page

    Hi, I am getting a script fault on almost every page I open in firefox. (Unable to attach either jpegg/pdf files !) Also a popup many times asking me to download the ilivid download manager. Specs: Win Vista, Firefox 19.0.2, Dell Latitude D630. Mcafee Pls help.
  2. Arjun609

    All folders appear as shortcut in USB!!!!!Help!!

    All my files and folders apper as shortcuts in my usb drive!!Is it a virus or usb fault
  3. gameranand

    Need some C++ Programs

    Guys first of all I apologize for this stupid request but I am really desperate. I need C++ programs for the following 1. SJF ( Non-Preemptive) CPU Scheduling 2. SJF ( Preemptive) CPU Scheduling 3. Round Robin CPU Scheduling 4. FCFS Disk Scheduling 5. SSTF Disk Scheduling 6. Banker's Algorithm...
  4. krishnandu.sarkar

    RAPE : Its Your Fault

    *www.youtube.com/watch?v=8hC0Ng_ajpY Source : All India Bakchod's 'It's Your Fault' Parody Tackles India's Rape Culture (VIDEO)
  5. S

    Adobe photoshop cs4 crashes at start up

    When I start Photoshop CS4, it crashes & it shows the following - Problem Event Name: APPCRASH Application Name: Photoshop.exe Application Version: Application Timestamp: 48d3882e Fault Module Name: AdobeOwlCanvas.dll Fault Module Version: Fault Module...
  6. N

    Problem with UPS

    Hi guys my PC configuration is as following Intel i5 2500k Gigabyte Z68AP Zotac GeForce GTX 560 Ti AMP Edition Cooler Master Extreme Power Plus 600W PSU Cosair 4GB DDR3 x 2 AOC e2043 20' Plus other normal accesories (Like Mouse, Keyboard, Gamepad) And Numeric Digital 600 Plus UPS...
  7. funkysourav

    Lightheadedness, Nausea while playing Borderlands?

    Hi guys I just want to know does anyone else feel lightheadedness/nausea while playing Borderlands? i cant even play it more than half an hour without straining my eyes:( i tried a fix but it doesn't help at all just want to know if anyone else is facing this issue, is the game at...
  8. Cool Comps

    LG Cyberlink Software giving problems.

    Hi people. I bought my lg dvd writer and with it got cyberlink burning software. I installed this but when i click on lg burning software icon, an error comes which says "Failed to create empty document" THen the windows dialogue box come and says "power2go.exe has stopped working" Any...
  9. scavanger007

    unable to locate the problem

    My pc is not booting and i am unable to locate the source... When i turn on the pc, nothing comes on the screen. The cpu fan is running. I tried another monitor, but the problem persisted. So monitor is not at fault. I also tried the HDD on other pc, but it was not at fault , coz i think that if...
  10. Psychosocial

    Left and Right CTRL keys not working in Windows 7!

    Is there a solution for it ? I dont think its a hardware fault as both of the CTRL keys have gone kaput.
  11. ironfreak

    HELP : my UPS behaving weird

    I have Champion 600 UPS. But As soon as light goes off (power cut) and it should work on battery, but it produces some "dhuuuuuuuurrrrrrr" sound. As if there is some motor running inside ! And vibrates a lot... Not to mention that PC goes off.....:? It works normal when power is there. What...
  12. U

    The Reality of State bank of india - Review of horrifying service quality

    The simple rule i understood from my experience with SBI is that : " Keep your COOL even if the SBI officers abuse you, insult you or harass you. Coz friends they have birth rights to do so and learn the fact that its not theirs but your fault that you opened your account in their bank. Never...
  13. eggman

    Problem with those 5Mb .sub files

    Recently I Got this 4.83 mb .sub file of a film!!! Now this .sub doesn't work!!Not with KMPlayer, VLC or any other!!! I've seen this before!! All those 4-5 MB sub files doesnt work!! But if they doesn't , why are they provided with torrents!!! So fault must be on my side!!! Is there...
  14. M

    Self-healing computers for NASA spacecraft

    As you can guess, hardwired computer systems are much faster than general-purpose ones because they are designed to do a single task. But when they fail, they need to be totally reconfigured. This can be just a costly problem in a lab on Earth, but it can be vital in space. This is why a...
  15. *GandaBerunda*

    Are we responsible for ensuring a stable government in india?

    after seeing the political drama in karantaka , i wonder if it is the politicians fault or it is ours? i feel we are more to blame than the politicians... what are your openions on this?
  16. Kenshin

    segmentation fault dunnu why

    I wrote a program for booth's algorithm for signed multiplication.Attached is the c code...I am gettin segmentation fault...whyy :confused: kenshin@cutie:~$ ./a.out Enter the two numbers -3 7 Segmentation fault (core dumped) kenshin@cutie:~$
  17. Anindya

    Very Rude Behaviour: BSNL CC

    Guys this is as bad as it can get. I had taken a sim from bsnl on 29/11/07. While giving the sim card the person told me that it will take 28-72hrs to activate the sim. Today is 8/12/07. So i went to exchange today to enquire about it. And this is what followed: Me "Uncle can u plz tell how...
  18. dreams

    Vista creators fault !!!!!!

    Hi Guys, I hv been workin in many client's computer which is runnin Vista. When I delete a bulk of files from desktop or from explorer the progress bar shows 1000+ files of size 339MB getting deleted.(Didn't notice the exact figures) This has happened in 2 occasions. Can any1 try...
  19. go4saket

    Shadow Problem in Photos...

    Hello friends! I have a Sony Cybershot DSC-P200. I have a small problem. Although the camera takes superb pictures, each and every snap taken inside the house has a shadow behind the subject. I have tried clicking photos from all angles, but the shadow problem still persists. Is this because...
  20. B

    Media Player Problem

    I am using Windows Media Player 11 on vista. Whenever i try to run a video file it gives the error and the media player closed down. Please help me i can't run any video files. :confused: Problem signature: Problem Event Name: APPCRASH Application Name: wmplayer.exe Application...
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