Need some C++ Programs


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Guys first of all I apologize for this stupid request but I am really desperate.
I need C++ programs for the following
1. SJF ( Non-Preemptive) CPU Scheduling
2. SJF ( Preemptive) CPU Scheduling
3. Round Robin CPU Scheduling
4. FCFS Disk Scheduling
5. SSTF Disk Scheduling
6. Banker's Algorithm for Dead Lock
7. FIFO for Page Fault
8. LRU for Page fault

Now my exams are going on and in parallel my Practicals are also held so I won't get enough time to make these programs at all, also my previous 2 TB HDD crashed in which I had these programs. So please give me these programs if you can, help would be much appreciated.
I know that its a very amateur and noobish request to ask for but I am not seeing any other way, so please help me out. I'll need these programs before 25 October because exam is on 25 Oct.

Thanks in Advance.
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