1. ariftwister

    List of Online Websites you have signed up

    As per the title goes, I want to know the various websites you guys are using with your own account. I want to create and reserve my username in all of the famous websites.
  2. theserpent

    Need some help with Business Quiz

    Need some quick archives here,Can someone please give me links to all the founders,Current CEO,Chairman,Logos of all famous companies please?
  3. H

    How a person became internet famous for $68

    How to become internet famous for $68 – Quartz I personally love it when people take it up to themselves to beat the bots.
  4. aroraanant

    Famous Windows 8 Support Forum Hacked !!!

    Famous Windows 8 Support Forum: *windows8center.com/forums/ was hacked.... Update: fbappshop_dot_com also hacked!!!!!
  5. ganeshnokiae63

    WANTED:hardware prices

    hai guys anyone who lives in chennai know about the prices of computer parts in famous ritchie street.pls post the prices... it will help a lot...
  6. Techn0crat

    Fandom Rivalries

    In this special issue of DIGIT, there is a very entertaining article about fanboys. I just thought I might share this webpage listing many famous and not-so-famous rivalries between fans. Fandom Rivalry - Television Tropes & Idioms and check out this image
  7. Gauravs90

    Football or Cricket

    I wonder which is the best game Football or cricket :-? i know football is played and famous in many countries ( don't know exact count!) and cricket is only played in 15 to 20 countries and famous in only few. Why cricket is so famous in india than football:???:, because it's got good players...
  8. B

    most famous letter in web

    18,670,000,000 for a 59,400,000 for b 4,300,000,000 for c 5,240,000,000 for d 6,960,000,000 for e 2,780,000,000 for f 33,800,000 for g 31,400,000 for h 140,000,000 for i 27,800,000 for j 39,500,000 for k 39,900,000 for l 59,800,000 for m 43,800,000 for n 53,200,000 for o...
  9. M

    When NDTV sued a Blogger & Barkha Dutt got screwed !!!!!!!!

    Apparently some fella C Kunte wrote a post in his blog titled "Shoddy Journalism" about the stupidly stupid indian journalists who covered every movement of the anti terrorists LIVE on TV ...He specially mentioned Ms.Barkha Dutt (famous for her penchant for theatrics) in his post and mentioned...
  10. amc888

    Query about Nokia 3110C

    I am going to purchase Nokia 3110C soon. Is it really good? Some of my friends told me that this mobile has serious software problems (I mean the famous restarting problem). Is it solved or not in new 3110C models? Please help me.........
  11. blackpearl

    How to turn ANY website editable with just one line of code

    Visit the site you want to edit and then copy the following code and paste it in the address bar and hit enter. The page now become editable. You can add, delete and modify any portion of the page just like you are editing a document on your computer. Go to some famous website like New York...
  12. P

    The FPS Center -- All abt First Person Shooters on the whole universe.

    I was really surprised to not see a thread like this so i made one. Here u can get any kind of help with first-person shooters u need. And I mean ANY. across PC, PS3, XBX360 and all other consoles. Ask abt requirements, strattagies, save games, patches, releases, where to buy the game? And at...
  13. A

    How famous is the above user?

    Famous as in, on the forum. On an obvious scale from 1-10. Rate!
  14. max_demon

    झाड़ मुडी Vs भेलपुरी

    Post Your Openians guys , in western area esp. Maharastra Bhelpuri is popular but in eastern area that झाड़ मुडी is Famous like in kolkata etc . what do u personally like ?
  15. H

    The World's most famous Photoshop Fakes

    Does anyone still believe that the camera never lies? With Photoshop, you can now make a picture speak any thousand words you want, and it will take a cynical attitude and a skilled eye to tell whether any of them is true. While that might be a creative opportunity for artistic photographers...
  16. R

    Best of 2007 till Q3

    these are the best songs of 2007 till Q3 according to me.plz vote for your fav. after listening to all. Beyonce-Irreplaceable;Beautiful Liar Nelly Furtado -Say it Right Justin Timberlake - What Goes Around Saliva - Ladies & Gentlemen Alter Bridge - Rise Today Avril Lavigne -...
  17. Quiz_Master

    BW Torrent Open...

    I was in need of some song so I asked a famous digit member of here to suggest a site. He suggested BWTorrents..but i needed an Invite... But later when I was searching google.I found a BW torrent thread. And when I clicked it, voila..I was able to see the thread and download the torrent file...
  18. iMav

    Mumbai to have a floating “Planet Hollywood” restaurant

    Mumbai to have a floating “Planet Hollywood” restaurant This is purely for the rich and elite, and Mumbai fits the bill perfectly as it hosts all the rich and famous of India whether its Bollywood stars, corporate tycoons, cricketers and politicians. Planet...
  19. R

    Recommended Songs by Digitians(International only mostly Rock)

    You know that most of us like international rock music but rock has never been promoted as pop or hip-hop atleast in India. And we rarely get to hear new rock from not so famous bands other than the songs on the charts. so i'm starting this thread for u guyz to post some songs which u...
  20. eggman

    Bollywood : The Great Copycat

    After looking at a similar topic at the rival(but dying) forum I thought of starting the topic....... Here's some classic examples of bollywood copying from west Heard of I wanna hold your hand by The Beatles ...have a look: *www.youtube.com/watch?v=lfsvE4j4ExA Nice song na.... Now to...
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