Football or Cricket

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I wonder which is the best game Football or cricket :-? i know football is played and famous in many countries ( don't know exact count!) and cricket is only played in 15 to 20 countries and famous in only few.
Why cricket is so famous in india than football:???:, because it's got good players than football? or lagaan was superhit and dhan dhana dhan Goal was flop:lol:.
What's your reason?


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tbh, Indians don't have the physique and the fitness/stamina to play Football. They'll only play ze lazy man's sport aka Cricket.

Hockey > Cricket.

But yea, Sachin is God. ;)


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play Kabaddi


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to be honest, I have never played football and cricket.

If you ask me which is good to watch, i may go to football and..hay! cricket is not that bad to watch.

If you ask me about playing a video game. Football sweeps Cricket. I remember playing Ea Cricket 07 and BIC and just pressing some buttons and being a poke gamer. But in football...i don't have to tell you..

after these are different ball games. So, every game has it's own pro and con list.isn't it?
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