1. B

    Failed to add torrent in a torrent client

    Hello Friends, I bought utorrent pro, I had some voucher code for Play Store. I transferred a torrent from pc to phone, but IDK how to open it. So, I tried adding some torrent from a popular torrent website. I clicked on the download button and utorrent app opened but I displayed a message...
  2. Darshan Singh

    Unable to upload photos

    Hi guys, I am unable to upload photos in a post. I have reduced the file size to around 180kb and the resolution is also according to standards (1600*1200) but when I try to upload photos under 'Manage Attachments', it gives an error saying 'Upload of file failed'. Does anyone have any idea...
  3. Renny

    Soft bricked Moto E

    Rooted, unlocked Moto E. I unrooted and relocked the bootloader to install Lollipop. Succeeded and installed the soak test version. Here's where I screwed up. I tried downgrading to 4.4.4 using the factory firmware and now I'm unable to mount any partition or install any boot image...
  4. stellar

    Can't Access WI Fi

    In my Color X factor Star 3.5 i can see Wi Fi is connected but when i open browser and other apps, it says " Connection Failed unable to connect. Please review your network settings".How can i fiddle the setting to run net from wi fi.
  5. bssunilreddy

    My Avatar in Digit not showing

    Hai, When ever i try to upload a image into my Avatar in CP section its saying its failed to upload,Please help me in this regard...
  6. Harsh Pranami

    Grub install failed while installing kubuntu 12.04

    Hi friends. I was trying to install kubuntu 12.04 from usb stick. I chose that the bootloader should be installed to "dev/sda". The installation went smoothly until at the end it displayed something like grub install failed to dev/sda. Without it you cannot boot into ubuntu. Please tell me what...
  7. Harsh Pranami

    Unable to boot linux mint 13 from usb

    Hi friends. I'm trying to create a live usb of mint 13. I've tried universal usb installer and xboot. In both cases my laptop failed to boot from usb. I've tried formatting the usb as fat32 and ntfs. Both failed. My laptop is hp g6. I've already changed the bot order.
  8. S

    Failed Transactions Money Handling

    I have been dealing with many online transaction over the internet,but at times as normally it fails and my money is reverted back. but at times money has been debited from my account with a failed transactions and money isn't returned. can anyone suggest that where these money goes and who...
  9. kaz

    Windows 9 Thread

    Microsoft plans for Windows 9 due next year. And probably there wont be any 8.2 in the future. They are also trying to make their OS uniform across all devices which they failed to do in Windows 8. More: *
  10. Jaskanwar Singh

    relaince netconnect 3g : connect failed

    i got a reliance netconnect 3g yesterday. today the connect button showed up in software. but whenever i press connect, it says connect failed. signal strength - 19. apn - rcomnet dial number - *99# also some 40'H,ME ERROR comes up. then connect failed.
  11. V.VAIDYA

    Please Help ? Failed in +2 science, is my career over ?

    Got total marks 346/600 but failed in chem for 1 mark and maths is short of 12 marks , what should I do , i am feeling suicidal :cry: i know it was my fault(i hate and fear maths) but please help me now , is there any hope i would get a respectable job, what is the value of mine in land of...
  12. S

    Making external Ip adress open for public

    Hi there, I am trying to make my external ip accessible for public users in internet. I have a router. I have tried port forwarding. but failed. So, pls help me???? Need it urgently frnds...
  13. R

    Windows 8 problems

    I have installed windows 8 pro, whenever I install or uninstall any programs and when I restart to make it effect, the screen is showing that the os has failed to configure the new update and restarts again please someone help me solve this problem
  14. T

    after downlading the torrent"Prototype.2.Full-RiP.JoeKkerr.part1 " getting error on self extraction

    Getting Error When Extracting The Torrent "Prototype.2.Full-RiP.JoeKkerr.part1" with self extraction for win 7 Clipboard Details : Extracting Data04.arc Packed data CRC failed in Data04.arc The required volume is absent CRC failed in Data04.arc
  15. A

    Why Television failed to become smart?

    Its a question thats often puzzles me, we see all gadgets around us becoming smarter, be it the phone, digital camera, music players, tablets etc- the features, the controls, the freedom, the capabilities are increasing manifold . When i realized the way we can control entertainment while doing...
  16. A

    Corsair GS600 needed..

    first of all i am not sure if this is the right section for this post, so Admins please move the post if you have to. two days ago, when i switched on my cpu, smoke came out of it with a popping sound. Guy from the local computer store told me that my corsair gs600 psu has failed due to...
  17. Gauravs90

    [Complaint] Rakhi was not delivered by indiatimes on time.

    I've booked a rakhi to be sent to someone on on 27th July and they failed it to deliver it on time i.e 2nd Aug :evil: . Irony is that they provided shipping information on 3rd Aug by aramex express. How can they ship Rakhi when it's already over on 3rd aug:shock:. It's...
  18. curioustechy

    sudden shut down & no booting up

    While I was using my system immediately power supply failed & UPS too failed. Now once the power is restored, nothing comes on my monitor except 'no signal' .. CPU power led is on. NUM lock led is on but can't turn it off. I switched on 3 to 4 times but couldn't succeed. What can be done.
  19. pratyush997

    Teracom Modem Bricked/Stuck at Instalizing

    Please anybody help me!!!!! I have Teracom t2-b-gawv1.4u10y-bi which is Bricked!!! When I was Updating F/W.It failed "Update Failed!" When I power on the modem back It simply got stuck in instalizing state!! power led-Red DSL-Green Internet-RED VoIP-Green USB-green LAN(4 Ports)-Working as it...
  20. L

    Unable to install

    I was installing Leap office 2000 and in the middle it shows installation failed. plz help..
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