1. K

    Suggest me TV under 40k

    Hello guys, I need suggestion on buying televisison under 40 k. Smart TV or 3D TV are not needed as I don't use them :p. The requirements are: Pure and awesome picture quality Great sound system should be able to play a lot of formats and have a USB port to it. I usually use External...
  2. NiGHtfUrY

    [Query] WD 1 TB External Drive-RMA after fall ?

    I recently purchased two WD My Passport Ultra 1tb Drives from flipkart. So one day my idiot of a brother connected the hard disk to the tv and kept it on the tv,a led tv which was barely 3cm wide,and so it very obviously took a fall. The hard disk's case cracked open,there was no visible...
  3. M

    [Want to Buy] external DVD reader and Wireless Mouse and wifi dongle

    please suggest me value for money external DVD reader and Wireless Mouse and Good Wi-Fi Dongle..
  4. T

    Help buying a 1 TB Ext HDD.

    Hello guys. I'm looking to buy a External 1 TB HDD soon. Maybe a week and I prefer ordering it online. Seeing how cheap HDD's are on Flipkart these days, I surfed through them and short listed Transcend StoreJet 25M3 to buy which is around 3.7k there. I would want to know whether my decision is...
  5. S

    Port Forwarding!!!!!!

    Hi there, I want to port forward any arbitrary port in my router?? Pls anyone can explain me the complete steps. I have a BSNL WiMax connection with Gemtek WIXB-ODU 250B router model... Help Needed ASAP.
  6. S

    32" ; Full HD TV ; Max 35k ;

    Hi All, Planning to get a 32 " full Hd TV for my home. I am not very familiar with the TV market or the best VFM products. - Plasma is better when compared with LED & LCD. Should i go for that ? - Might convert it to a gaming TV later (PS4 or Xbox). - Would like to see all codec support and...
  7. ajayritik

    New External HDD 2 TB WD not getting recognized/detected

    I got my new External HDD 2 TB today and when I connected to my PC it said unable to install device drivers and the HDD is not getting recognized. I have WD 1 TB External HDD which is working fine. Is there something I can do? I tried swapping the ports as well. - - - Updated - - - Guys...
  8. ajayritik

    Need 2 TB External HDD

    I need a 2 TB External HDD. It will be dual purpose 1. To Connect it to my LED TV for watching videos etc 2. Taking backup of my personal collection like photos and videos With regards to option 1 I'm not sure if the TV would support 2 TB External HDD. 2 years back I bought WD 1 TB to connect...
  9. chandan3

    unmount external storage

    my mobile is lava iris 506q android 4.2.1 there is no any option is storage to mount or unmount sd card .i hv nt root my phone .how to unmount external storage i mean pendrive .is there any apps .ple help me guys
  10. ariftwister

    How to make external HDD read only for others?

    Guys, I own a wd mypassport external hdd 1TB. Is it possible to make it as read only for other (users/user accounts) and read and write only for me? Doing so will block virus infections right?
  11. Ironman

    Portable External HDD - ?

    I want a Portable External HDD Capacity 2TB or More if possible TO Stoer: Its Going to be my Gaming Collection HDD . With all the Setups & Isos Its all scattered now , want to accumulate under one HDD ! :twisted: SO i looked at Brand NEW Western Digital WD MY Passport Ultra 2TB | eBay...
  12. adityak469

    New Internal and External HDDs

    I'm looking to buy a new internal 1TB HDD, and a external 2/3 TB HDD. The internal one, i'll be buying in the next few weeks and the external one has some time. My budget for the internal 1TB is 4k and for the external 2/3TB is 7.5k. Can't extend at all. This is the higheat i can go. What i...
  13. rickenjus

    want to purchase external HDD with 1 TB storage

    Guys I want to purchase a external HDD with 1 TB storage. I don't know much about computer hardware. I have a pc with dual core cpu ;) , nowadays its making too much noise and has become slow(which I don't intend to upgrade, as I will be purchasing a laptop in few months). Will it effect to a...
  14. seamon

    2 TB external HDD.

    I wanted a 2 TB external HDD which supports USB 3.0. Should I go for WD Passport Ultra HDD? I am buying it in April.
  15. warfreak

    Need portable hard drive

    I needed a portable hard drive and wanted your opinion on below: Dell Backup Plus 1TB USB 3.0 Portable hard drive - Dell: Flipkart.com WD My Passport Ultra 2.5 inch 1 TB External Hard Drive - WD: Flipkart.com WD Elements 2.5 inch 1 TB External Hard Drive - WD: Flipkart.com I don't...
  16. Ronnie11

    External Hard disk(1tb) required for a budget of 4100

    Hey guys, So i need to buy a external hard drive urgently. I looked up at FK and there are a variety of options from 2.5 to 3.5 etc. Getting confused with these options, so was hoping that you could help me with these choices. Honestly i prefer WD over seagate. Have had some poor experience with...
  17. I

    Protective Case/Cover for Portable External Hard Disk Drive

    Hello everyone, I have two Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex 1TB USB 2.0 portable external hard disk drives, and I am keen on purchasing a protective case/cover, for each of them. Having looked up on Flipkart, I am unsure which of the available cases will ideally enclose each drive in its entirety, with...
  18. P

    External subtitle problem, please help!

    I am using mpc hc with renderer madvr latest with lav filters. I am using xysubfilter version 682 beta for subtitles but it only displays embedded subtitles, external .srt subtitle files are not diplayed. I heard a registry hack is availlable for it but could not find it. Please help me...
  19. Darshan Singh

    Problem ejecting External HDD

    Hi guys, I have a problem properly ejecting my external WD HDD. Windows 7 has this very problem of ejecting external devices properly. Therefore I use Unlocker before ejecting any external device. But after unlocking all the processes with the Unlocker, when I eject my external HDD, even...
  20. K

    Need to buy DVD player+speakers+external hard dirve.

    Hello guys, I want to set up a small home theater system in my room, I need a good future proof DVD player , good Speakers and a 1 TB External hard disk. I already have Dell S2240L 21.5 inch monitor. 1. DVD player -->Must support all video and audio formats as i will download...
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