1. M

    apps for study

    hi friends please inform me about the apps which is helpful in IAS and other UPSC exams.
  2. Nanducob

    Frustrating things related to technology :(

    Just found out that my wifi was being used by my neighbor without my permission.He is in 12 th standard ,he failed the exams and is appearing exams due next year. This explains my low internet speed at certain times as I couldn't watch 360p youtube video(its a 86KBPS connection) His house is...
  3. T

    BSc Physics vs BE (Electrical+Electronic)

    Got 88% at ISC XII exams, and I'm getting admission at a local college for BE in Electrical&Electronic engineering. I was wondering whether I should do a BSc in Physics cause there are many engineers, and not too many jobs. It seems to have go saturated. How are prospects after doing a BSc...
  4. S

    Budget Configuration Please

    After postponing the Upgrading for 2-3 times finally its time. My Final Exams will be over Next month and have got 25,000 and I need 1.Processor 2. Motherboard 3. Hard Disk 4. Graphics Card 5.SMPS 6.RAM . Recommend me please what should I buy . I am thinking of buying Processor AMD...
  5. bubusam13

    CCNP query

    Hi My CCNA will expire on 6th Sep. I will apply for CCNP switch this month. Will my CCNA validity extend. Or I need to appear all the three exams ? Its a bit urgent... pls let me know.
  6. D

    Any hope after B.E

    My b.e mechanical exams will soon be over. After 2 year drops my interest in studies was gradually over. I was studying just for the sake of passing the exams. I was interested in doing engineering but it has become a nightmare for me. I have seen guys with first class sitting jobless after...
  7. ashs1

    SSC Study Materials

    Hi guys.. I just Finished my registration for the SSC CGL exams 2014 ( Staff Selection Commission - Combined Graduate Level ) The exams are scheduled at around last week of April.. This would be my First attempt. Can you guys recommend any books from which i can practice ?? Most of...
  8. axelzdly1

    Mechanical Engineering,anyone?

    Hello edu-babus! Im currently in my 3rd year of Mechanical engineering in a not-so-famous college of Pondicherry (Central) University..I have a thirst for quality standard innovative technical academics(if you know what I mean?) and would do anything to get a hold on it..Somehow I need to...
  9. RBX

    Nutrition during exams

    I tend to skip meals during exams to avoid getting sleepy and by the end of exams turn into my highschool self. Are there foods that I can eat that can give proper nutrition and aren't too heavy ?
  10. S

    What to do now?

    I really need your advice please help me guys I am in final year BCA,but till 1st sem have only passed only 2 subjects that too only in 1st sem.And from 2nd to 5th sem i have not attended even a single exam(except practicals).6th sem exams are from 24th April.and you know why all this...
  11. C

    Are the entrance exam books reliable????

    Guys, I just finished my board exams and preparing for bitsat, viteee, aieeee..... I have bought some books for preparation for these exams, which are mostly from arihant publications. But as you know, exams like viteee, bitsat have been conducting exams in online mode only. My question is that...
  12. bestpain

    class 12 pt

    help me frnds ....on 25th my pt exam....had never given any pt exams...what to read and from which book?
  13. @

    Tips to improve reasoning & quantitative aptitude skills.

    Most of the Govt jobs & entrance exams have this section. Some entrance exams [eg IIIT] have this as preliminary. I need some tips / books / sites / articles to improve my skills. I have this book Quantitative Aptitude by R S Aggarwal & I find this book highly boring. Any other good books ...
  14. TheLetterD

    Tips for scoring good in CBSE 12th boards needed! :(

    Hello! I really want to study computer science abroad(Canada) and I will be taking a Gap year next year for all the extra circulars and other things I wanted to do(programming!). But the thing is my 12th(like my 11th) has really sucked till now! I still have 4 months till my board exams. And...
  15. velociraptor

    data structure

    hey friends i am facing problems in understanding data structure .dont even get a lil bit of what my teacher is trying to speak would you suggest me some tutorials cz our exams must b starting from 26th of this month so guys please help me
  16. TheLetterD

    In 12th right now, need help planning ahead

    Hello Im in 12th right now and I am EXTREMELY confused. PLEASE help me! I messed up my 11th. Like REALLY REALLY Messed up(I got 56% in my Finals and havent prepared ANY CHAPTER AT ALL for competition exams). Now I am in 12th and I have started studying hard after struggling through the first 2...
  17. papul1993

    Need new PSU. Max Budget 3k

    Hi, I am currently running a CoolerMaster 600W PSU. It's cooling fan has stopped working, so it gets very hot. It has been like that throughout last summer and this winter. But I don't want to run the computer like that anymore this summer. I wish to completely replace it with another good PSU...
  18. desiJATT

    Some advice needed about my career.

    Hey guys, i was looking forward for some advice on my future plans, here it goes I didn't prepare for any competitive exams because i was not interested in doing extra study about it at that time. Moreover i cannot go out of my town Jalandhar and study as my family needs me right now. But i...
  19. TheLetterD

    Suggestion for some books to prepare for AIEEE

    Hello Since the system is gonna change this year I want to get a book which explains the theory well AND helps me prepare for AIEEE Pls note I do not care for books that just prepare you for IIT-JEE exams. Its beyond my capacity and neither am I interested. So Pls suggest me some good books for...
  20. vaibhav23

    Ways to increase my mental ability

    I am going to class 10 and I am finding that in all the competitive exams which I am giving I am getting good ranks for Maths and science. But my ranks goes down in the FTRE exams conducted by FIITJEE just due to getting bad marks in the IQ paper. A teacher told me that I can better it by...
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