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Mechanical Engineering,anyone?


Hello edu-babus!

Im currently in my 3rd year of Mechanical engineering in a not-so-famous college of Pondicherry (Central) University..I have a thirst for quality standard innovative technical academics(if you know what I mean?) and would do anything to get a hold on it..Somehow I need to join in some abroad University though GRE and IELTS examinations..yet,I need to decide which specialization course to choose for M.S...If I can decide that, I could peacefully start preparing for those exams..

What interests me are.. Automation & Robotics , Mechatronics..

If anyone could suggest me what to..based upon the present trend and the value of that specialization after study, like jobs and salary..I will be grateful.!

Thanks in advance..


mechatronix is very good branch.
Do only if you like no sence in going with high paid branch and then you will feel wtf i've done.


yea, i know that feel bro! :D
my father's colleague has done B.tech, wrote Civil s Group I/II exams and finally got a job in a Bank..the interesting thing is he secured above 85% in all of them..!! :razz:

and what about Automation & robotics..? Will it be like the shows in NGC,Discovery, explaining the assembly lines in factories?


Yes, the end result will be like that. But Automation isn't necessarily "robotics", but both are related.

Robotics is not easy; it requires a multidisciplinary approach to understand the concepts well. Your physics, mechanics and electronics must be good. Not to mention knowledge of various sensors, motors, drives, actuators, etc. :)
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