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  1. R

    Memory Management BSOD error.

    So suddenly from this morning i have been getting memory_management BSOD errors and it comes up randomly. There error code i get is STOP: 0x0000001A , i have searched google for the solution and not come across anything precise that has to be done. My Specs can be seen in my...
  2. C

    Virtu MVP error

    Hi, I bought a new computer a couple of months ago. My config is - i5 2500k, radeon 7870, AsRock Z77 Extreme 4. Virtu MVP was working fine until recently. I started getting this error when Virtu starts - could not find the key lucid active in usersettings.xml Exiting Virtu Universal control...
  3. U

    cmos battery error and system crash

    hi people, am using i3 along with windows 7 ultimate...i recently received a cmos battery error message...so i replaced it with a new battery.. it was wrkng fine for three weeks but from day before yesterday iam getting the error message again!!...is this a mother board problem? please help...
  4. velociraptor

    pen drive read only message

    hello friends i recently purchased a 16gb sandisk pendrive about in 20 days i transferred some data and after that when i tried to delete it or format it this shows error that it is read only please tell me how to trouble shoot this problem ...is this possible or not ?
  5. S

    'MICROSOFT.ACE.OLEDB.12.0' not registered

    Hi, I m using using Ms Access 2010 as backend for my application created in Ms Visual Studio C# 2010. When trying to access the data from backend it shows the error I tried installing Access database engine but, same error. I am using Office 2010 32-bit on win 7 home basic 64-bit, is...
  6. S

    sasel world

    I am running Truecrypt encryption on multiple laptops. There were no issues until I tried to run it on an HP Compaq laptop. Then after encryption, I received a Boot Loader damaged error. This only happens with Compaq laptops, not with any other makes that I can see. I have updated BIOS...
  7. A

    Mozilla Browser - youtube problem

    Hello Mates, I having a strange problem in my Mozilla Browser which wont play any you tube videos even in Mozilla safe mode. I tried on Chrome and Opera it works great there but not in Mozilla. The error says : Error Occurred please try again later.
  8. pkkumarcool

    Dirt showdown installation problem

    Guys i got dirt showdown..when i try to intall using its setup after selecting install directory then error comes Isdone.dll,worked fine on my friends.I hav checked that i hav all files.Please help me what the error says.. its so frustrating when u get a huge game and it not works waste of time...
  9. Saumil996

    New Rig- CPU fan error

    Guys i built my killer rig today!! But it has started giving problems from the second boot :cry: Heres my config i5 2500k asus p8z77 v asus gtx 670 seasonic 620 w psu gskill ripjaws 2*2 GB Corsair carbide 400r seagate 160 gb. whenever i start the pc it gives a CPU Fan Error Message...
  10. Sankalp Tripathi

    Error shows in when booting 12.04 via Usb

    I made a usb bootable with Unetbootin and the Ubuntu 12.04 provided with this months DIGIT. all was good until i restarted my ASUS lappi to install it. as the start itself some kind of error popped in "prefix missing or something like that" After that there was the normal screen having...
  11. omega44-xt

    Error message while booting

    Whenever my PC boots, the following error message displays up, then my PC turns off for about 5 sec, then restarts & boots to homescreen without any error message. But if I shut down the PC completely & then turn it ON, again the above mentioned things happens. Screenshot of Error message ...
  12. MegaMind

    cpu over voltage error!

    Hey guys, i'm trying on extreme overclocking with my 2500k. My rig specs are in my signature. I can get a stable OC at 52*104 = 5408MHz @1.555v. When i set 1.56v, i get "cpu over voltage error! Press F1 to enter bios". The max. temp. in Superpi 32M is 42'C, the following is my benching...
  13. R

    Weired Problem.. Help Please

    Recently I bought a system from my local vendor comprising of Processor: AMD A6 3500 APU (2.1 GHz) Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-A55M-DS2(rev. 1.1) RAM: G-skill Ripjaws 4 GB (1600 MHz) SMPS: Corsair VS450 HDD: WD 500 Sata after assembling, when it was switched on for the 1st time there was...
  14. A

    Windows 8 installation error

    Hi, I tried to install the Windows 8 consumer preview that came with the Digit's June 2012 edition and the error message was shown as follows, Blocking Issues: You cannot use this setup program to install the .NET Framework Can u pls help me out to solve the problem...
  15. G

    devmgmt.msc problem

    Hi, on an XP pro SP2 machine the onboard and add on card serial ports are not working. We are not able to view device manager. Even the "compmgmt.msc" is not working. We followed what is said at the link : When I tried to open Device Manager or the Computer Management window, I received an...
  16. soumya

    I am getting a stdole2.tlb error

    When I am trying to install a program, I am getting this error :- How to fix this?
  17. toofan

    Restarting Problem & FF00 & F800 error!

    Friends, I am having the following configuration, 1. Motherboard: MSI P 35 Neo 2. Gfx Card: Palit 8600 GT 512Mb. 3. 4 x 2GB kingston 800 RAM total 8 gb in dual channel. 4. Proc: core 2 Duo 6750 2.66 ghz. 5. Two harddisks: segate 160gb and 250gb. 6. Samsung DVD RW. 7. Intex PSU 450...
  18. Nerevarine

    Lord of the Rings online

    Does anyone here play this game ? I used to play this a year back but now everytime I download the game client and install it, i get client_mesh.dat error.. I did some searching and have found that this error hasnt been resolved till now and it is quite common.. If anyone has a working client...
  19. mohityadavx

    XAMPP Timeout

    Hey I have been using wordpress with bold theme by elegant themes. I have installed wordpress on my local machine using XAMPP. The problem is the menu bar which I am is using has 23 items and is working fine but the problem is I want to remove one of these item from the menu but when I try to do...
  20. digitaltab

    "cdkey in use already" error while re-installing the game

    There are a no. of games i am about to re-install as i am planning to format my OS (Windows 7 Ultimate) on PC. now at the time of cd-key , it says this error- "cd key already in use ", when i enter my cd key, as i have already registered my games on internet... so please mention the steps...
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