1. elafanto

    What courses or things to learn before entering engineering.

    My younger brother will pass out his 12th this year. And will take admission for engineering. Branch not specified. Actually he is looking for IIT or NIT or any big name. And now he will be free for almost 2 months So can anybody suggest me what will be better for him? I am asking him to go...
  2. T

    Configuring Router for PPPoE connection

    My brother is facing problems while installing router (Tp-link TL-WR740N 150 Mbps Wireless Router without Modem) in his home. The broadband connection is of a local company in South Gujarat. Till now, he used to connect to the Internet by launching a shortcut where he would enter a user id and...
  3. R

    Urgent urgent urgent

    Can i turn off my phone after entering download mode. Samsung galaxy S2. i havent moved further than entering download mode
  4. dashing.sujay

    C#: Exception handling(?)

    I have recently started learning C#. I was making a simple form application to calculate sum of fruits (checked through checkboxes) and quantity entered. Problem is coming in quantity. if (Convert.ToInt32(textBox1.Text) > 0) { if (checkBox1.Checked)...
  5. avinandan012

    EVGA entering PSU market

    EVGA Plans to Enter the PSU Market with the NEX PSU
  6. coderunknown

    Offtopic: Forum Problem. everyone please join in.

    Guys this is an offtopic but a very important discussion that i want to bring forward today. since yesterday asigh is facing a strage issue. he can't post msg. if he tries, all he gets is a "msg too short. please increase character length beyong 10ch" or something like this. i not creating this...
  7. G

    Windows Xp Explorer Restarts Again And Again

    Hello, To all of you. I have a Pentium 4 Computer on which I run WINDOWS XP SP2 as a operating system.From last some days, whenever I start the computer and after entering the password on Windows XP welcoming screen the EXPLORER keeps restrating.I start the taskmanager by entering three key...
  8. A

    Ubuntu 8.10 Installation Problem

    I have a computer with a 40 GB HDD. Its pretty old. I freed up a 10 GB partition to install Ubuntu into it. As the usual procedure, I booted from the CD drive and tried to install Ubuntu 8.10 supplied in the Digit DVD (of course burnt into another CD). Installed everything in the default...
  9. patkim

    Error 691

    Can there be any justification for getting Error 691 (invalid uid/pwd) despite I am entering correct uid/pwd. My Youtele broadband get connected from my home desktop PC. However when I connect my office laptop to the same Lan and try to connect using PPPEO connection in Win Xp, I get this...
  10. F

    how to jumble text

    while enterin a plain text (sort of wat i ve typed here) any s/w which can convert to wHIlE eNtERiNg format got it?
  11. nileshgr


    How to enable crontab (cron) for all users without entering their names in /etc/cron.allow ?
  12. [A]bu

    How to change Avatar

    I have my Avatar but don't know how to change... I tried in my CP but also it says invalid... there is a place for entering URL and i dont know
  13. aditya.shevade

    OpenSuSE updater applet problem

    Hi The applet starts fine, searches for updates fine, but when I click on install, then it asks for root password, and on clicking on continue after entering the password, nothing happens. I waited for about 10 minutes on 2 occasions, but nothing happens after entering the root password...
  14. D

    ntfs help

    guys i m facing a problem. i use xp pro sp2. installed on c partition. having 4 partitions all ntfs. i want 2 format c partition. for this i need xp or 2000 bootable disk. so that i can format c by entering in dos. plz tell me how 2 make xp bootable disk(cd) hoping for sensible replies.
  15. S

    My PC screen is flickering

    Hi all I bought a Samsung 793MB 17" flatron in may 2005.For the past one month the screen is flickering continously.Can u guys tell me what the problem is.Sometimes whenever the system is swithced on,it gives a whistling sound after entering XP mode and the sound stays on for 5...
  16. R

    Block Mytobvirus

    How can i block the mytob virus from entering the computer? I have used the fixetob utility of Norton.It can delete the affacted file but can not block it from entering the PC.I have also disabled the sharing of all the drives in all PCs on my network but its still entering.Can anyone suggest a...
  17. sourav

    Problem with C#

    on entering no. above 30 it has some problems. If I go above 30 it shows wrong negative ans. :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?:
  18. kunwar

    how do i enter cheats in callof duty:united offensive???????

    something has to be typed in target box. pleaseee help me. i got the cheats but help me in in entering the"appropriate thing" in target box.
  19. H

    which is the most sucessful and the most powerful antivirus?

    hi guys i want to know that which is the most powerful antivirus available till this date and mind it there should not be and degradement in the perfomance to the pc due to this guard. also i wanted to ask that is there any antivirus that will directly stop the virus entering the pc through...
  20. S

    Mandrake 10.1

    I tried installing the mandrake linux supplied with the digit in my system. The installation all went fine. The problem happens when i boots. Immediately after installation when i tried to boot the loading gets hung near4 the network detection point says waiting for eth0. I have a LAN...
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