1. R

    Learn English & Children's Stuffs

    hi guys once again it's me. this time I wish 2 know some of free and best websites that offering English Learing online Courses in a daily basis or like. And also the same kind of stuffs for children too. need some interactive pc tutur that shuld be used for children in english learning...
  2. V

    FREE softwares for nokia 3120

    please provide me some links for free applications especially i need a good english dictionary....
  3. A

    please help me

    i am need some web sites for programs download but it free and be very ok i am sory for my language because i dont speak english please any one know a good wep sites write it and i am very thank your every body
  4. S

    Opera 9.0

    Hi dear guys , Now I'm using Opera 9.0 beta.As it has launched its regular verson I want to switch over .But there is a problem ,it has lunched two verson ,One is english and other is international.My question is Feature wise Is there any difference or simply the language options?
  5. B

    os problem

    hi all i have a windows xp cd which is japanese version....original(my sister is to work there she got it) i have installed it on my laptop......is there anyway to convert it to english version thnx
  6. M

    text to speech indian english accent voice

    hi i need this utility urgently pls suggest me anylink..... around google i have seen lot of text to speech but accent is totally west..i dont want that one..... is there any way to add indian english tounge...in TTS.... or is there any TTS which comes with inbuilt indian english...
  7. maharajadhiraj

    I finally got Mobile dictionaries

    Hey guyz I got at least 7-10 Dictionaries for Nokia S60 phones (Sorry to SE users :( ) . I've got : Business Dictionary English Dictionary Concise English Dictionary Professional(this one has ALL the words) and lots more....... If at least 15 of u want it, then reply, I will upload...
  8. V

    Windows Vista Beta 2 Public Download Available Now!

    Direct Links • Windows Vista Beta 2, English 32-Bit Edition http://download.windowsvista.com/preview/beta2/en/x86/iso/vista_5384.4.060518-1455_winmain_beta2_x86fre_client-LB2CFRE_EN_DVD.iso • Windows Vista Beta 2, English 64-Bit Edition...
  9. S

    IE is displaying Unreadable character

    Hello Everyone!! Friends i m facing a problem with my Internet Explorer. whenever i m opening a site it displays unreadable character insted of our English Character. what could be the problem. pls help me soon if u can. thanx
  10. gary4gar

    Alien Google

    guys i am getting google in a alien language.this happens when i type www.google.com pls help to swicth back to english one
  11. T

    English to Regional Language

    Hi Do u know of any software that will translate English words to Gujarati or for that matter any regional Indian Language. I have Akruti software but well....need an easier option.
  12. photon

    DVD Dilema!!!!

    I played one DVD movie file in Win DVD and playback was in english. But the same file played in Power DVD and Playback was in Hindi !!! How it can be ? (The original movie is in English)
  13. D

    Adding New Language To Fifa World Cup Germany 2006...

    Guys please help me............I'd downloaded FIFA WORLD CUP 2006 GERMANY, but it had only german,italian & dutch language..........Please tell me how can i install a new language (english) without downloading full game...............is there any patch to install english...
  14. pirates1323

    pdf file in german...help me converting in english

    Hi all...........I have a long pdf file which is in german language and I have to convert it in English. Yes all u r thinking tht there r language translating softwares but I can't convert its very long file..its above 30 pages....I have tried SYSTRAN software..Click Here.... but the software...
  15. B


    i hv the italian version of Black and white :( ..Is it possible to convert it to English?
  16. kool

    some question abt these SOFTWARE!!! part-2

    _______________________________________________________ 1*** Is it possible to make instruemental music of Mp3 songs by any software??? I love singing, i want to practice by the help of instruemental songs. (like "kal ho na ho" song.........) and also tell me from where i can get full...
  17. N

    Hindi Lyrics English Translation Site!

    hello friends, Can any body of you please tell me a site where I can get the english translation of hindi song LYRICS. If so, then post it here. :roll: Hoping to hear from you soon. :)
  18. R

    dictionary for 6630

    hi can any one tell me where i can download an english dictionary for my nokia 6630
  19. S

    Runtime Error!

    Recently I brought a original copy of Learn to Speak English( The Learning company). When i try to access the courses I get a error saying: "Runtime Error! Program:...\The Learning Company\Learn to Speak English 8.1\lts.exe abnormal program termination" The title bar of the window...
  20. N

    Gogle search

    Have downloaded Google Search Bar. Search results are shown in Hindi. How do I get it to report in English ? Help Regards Nariman
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