1. Asfaq

    Blogger now in Hindi (officially)

    Wow.. Blogger finally enabled transliteration technology on their blogs.. what this means is that as you type words in English, Blogger will automatically convert them into Hindi, so you dont have to remember all those keymaps anymore! Aweaome huh.. Source.
  2. dIgItaL_BrAt

    World's first 8 core system announced

    Apple's just released a monster...humongously powerful...but it's gonna rip your wallet right apart! Apple Mac Pro The top-end config Specifications Two 3.0GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon 16GB (8 x 2GB) 4x 750GB 7200-rpm Serial ATA 3Gb/s NVIDIA Quadro FX 4500 512MB, Stereo 3D (2 x...
  3. H

    SimCity 4 crashes and restarts system!!

    Hi, I just installed SimCity 4 on my PC and i am facing a problem that whenever i try to run it, it crashes and then restarts the system. Although other games on my Pc such as FarCry are working just fine. I am attaching a DxDiag log with it. Please solve my problem.. thanx...
  4. amit2005

    change language

    is it possible to view sites in other language...... to appear in English...google toolbar convrt english to other n not vice-versa..any firefox extension
  5. insane

    webiste for movie subtitels

    ne1 know ne gud place to find subtitles fr movie in english.. i know 1 bt i cannt find ne movie on this .. http://www.opensubtitles.org/en
  6. wizrulz

    Document Language translator

    hello..searched the forum but could not get it.... I have a pdf in different language cannot figure out which....now i want a s/w which can convert it to english....
  7. debiprasad_sahoo

    How to get english verson of EasyPHP?

    I have downloaded the EasyPHP and installed it, but the problem is that it is not in english. I want an english version. Please help.
  8. jatt

    reg hack

    hi vishal thanks for reg. tricks which you gives us time to time.friend i want to know about language change.i mean i want to change language also for example if i want to change start button name i want to change it into hindi or punjabi then what should we do.i know 1033 is for english but if...
  9. R

    Autopathcher Jan 07 downloaded in wrong language

    I downloaded autopatcher jan full version 300mb only to know that its in some other language :mad::mad::-x What can be done to change the language to english if possible else can this other language be applied to the english version of XP?
  10. drsethi

    Windows language

    My friend purchased a laptop with Windows XP preinstalled in Italian language. How to convert it into English language?
  11. B

    NFS Most wanted English conversion Pack

    I have a spanish version of the game i need to convert it to english. I cant find any pack for that .... Can anyone help me find one?
  12. N

    FREE ENGLISH MP3 and software

    currently iam using limewire to download music.suggest me some other software same as limewire.and suggest me some websites from where i can download english songs.is kazaa lite now working.if yes from where can iget that software.
  13. A

    Call of Duty 2

    play Call of Duty 2 demo on my pc now i take dvd of Call of Duty 2 from my friend when i click on icon msg come "error during initiation No valid rendering code path detected" CoD2 1.0 build win-x86 Oct 6 2005 ----- FS_Startup ----- Current language: english Current search path...
  14. A

    DOOM 3 Problem

    hey guys,,,i am really frustrated as my Doom3 game is not running on my computer..whenever i try to insert the installation cd it shows me this dialog box... "--------------------------------------------------------- 16-bit MSDOS error...
  15. M

    Please Help!

    I am using Windows 2000 Professional. The language of my laptop has changed to Korian. How can I change it to English again? with regards.
  16. L

    English language in German version of windows.

    Hi ppl, My friend recently got a laptop from Germany which came along with a German version of windows XP. Now he wants to change the language from German to English. I tried changing the language in the Language toolbar and also tried installing the additional language pack hoping it would...
  17. dhawald

    nbody seen sin city or pulp fiction?

    I have read great rave reviews about these two movies on IMDB but I have not seen them How are they from the viewpoint of Indian english movies watching audiance.
  18. kool

    Nokia Pc Suite Not Detecting My 3230 Phone!! Plzzzzz Help Me***

    I've Nokia 3230 and Nokia PC SUITE 6.80.22 for 3230 downloaded from internet. It was working fine from 4 month, and recently i upgaraded my system to INTEL CELERON D, 2.66Ghz, 512 MB Ram, winXP Pro SP2 with latest autopatcher. After upgrading it stops working. I mean pc suite is not...
  19. PrinceHeart

    WinXP Home(German) to WinXP Home(English)

    Hello there... As the subject says ... I want to change the german language to english. I bought this laptop back in 2001 from germany with preinstalled winxp home OEM(german) .. so its a genuine product. Now I don't know german. For many years I used pirated version instead of the...
  20. A

    Problem with POP:WW Plz help!!!

    Hi guys, Just bought POP:WW yesterday. I installed the game. Whenver i try to start the game I get these errors.. First>>> Then>>> Please help... I tried ubisoft forums.. no help there... Here is my dxdiag.txt also for your reference... My specs: P4 2.4GHz 512MB DDR Geforce...
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