1. jamesbond007

    DVD Format confuses

    I recently rented a DVD of Troy, I copied all the files on my hard drive and watched the movie in VLC media player in WinXP. It is an English movie with some part of the movie in Greek (I don't know if it is exactly Greek), there was no translation written. Since some part of the movie was in...
  2. Curious Guest

    Windows XP Hotfixes in Once File

    Windows XP Hotfixes in Once File (English) 40MB No comparison with Autopatcher, it contains all hotfixes only *rapidshare.de/files/2510359/HotFixes.rar.html
  3. U

    Flya Kite OSX

    hi guys i discovered a shell pack named FlyakiteOSX . it transforms u r windows to Mac.Its cool.But i wonder where is the download link for english version?
  4. D

    Deafault language Cgange

    I unfortunately collectlly winXP-SP2 bootable disk. But it is chiness language. can anyone help that works like english version?
  5. L

    Tips for conversation and Photoshop

    hi firends, I want to know two things: 1. where can I get adobe photo shop (latest version) free of cost . 2. I am novice in english conversation and I want effective help/Tips. can any one help me for english conversation as I am only Matriculate and aged 38 years? However, I have...
  6. S

    Movie songs in hindi font?

    It was said that asking url is not recommened in forum. But i am forced to as it is some unavailable ,here are there,site(the site i am looking for) .So i hope if some body knows may help me. Is there any site that provides movie songs lyrics in hindi font. May be as image file or after...
  7. GameAddict

    Any member of this forum?

    Hi, Is anybody the member of *gamez.net.ru forum? I became one, but can't make any head and tail out of it because: 1> Russian to English Translations are bad. 2> They have some "communications" thing to access the links. Any input is welcome! Bye! GA
  8. A

    different languge.plzzz help

    I had downloaded photoshop cs frm the net long time ago in some differnt lang other than english . I had installed it dat time and removed it on da spot after seeing dat it is in diffrent lang.The prob is now whenever i install pshop cs frm any source it installs in the same languge even if I...
  9. R

    divx movies links plz

    hi, i wonder if somebody can give me links to downloads to divx english movies, i cant use p2p right now... :cry:
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