1. H

    Where do I get high quality English music?

    My friends are able to download high quality Hindi music from a variety of websites, and the quality is amazing. The bass is powerful and the music very melodious, even on their 600 rupee headphones. But I download English music and the quality is just flat, whether its 320kbps or Flac...
  2. G


    ????????????????????! An Eye opener B. Jeyamohan is one of the most influential contemporary, Tamil and Malayalam writer and literary critic from Nagercoil. This is the translation of his article: "Intolerance"
  3. E

    Portable audio rig for basshead

    Hey guys I want to buy a complete basshead portable audio rig which must include a music player,in-ear earphones and dap/amp.Being a basshead I need something which has no comprises in bass section.the bass should be tight and clear and mids and highs should be good too..The iems,amp and music...
  4. abhijit_reddevil

    Recharge options for Tata Sky DTH

    Hello friends, Tata Sky has done it again and increased the prices of the channel packages. Latest being increasing the HD access fee directly from Rs.125 p.m. to Rs. 175 p.m. In the last six months or so, they have kept on increasing the package prices My Base Pack (supreme sports kids)...
  5. Cyberghost

    English as the primary language in India?? Read Inside

    As per title make English as the default language for all states in India, currently in India a person has to learn 3 languages inorder to communicate the people(state language,Hindi and English). But it will be useless if he/she moves into another state. So I suggest to remove Hindi and all...
  6. P

    30 Common Words You Might Be Mispronouncing

    English is a tricky language. Simply because it’s in English that spellings and pronunciation vary frequently, and often randomly. For example, ‘but’ is ‘but’ but not ‘boot’. 30 Common Words You Might Be Mispronouncing • Streets of Lucknow
  7. aal-ok

    Gta sa multiplayer

    can someone please tell me a good gta sa mp server near india in english language preferably role playing with about 60+ players?
  8. D

    The forum language

    I think most of the user in this forum are indians,right?but this forum language is english,why english and not the native indians language?im gald is in english because im Romanian and only language i know other then Romanian are english
  9. Nerevarine

    Share your adventures from your school Life

    Topic self explanatory, Ill start This is pretty funny so here goes, mods pls report if innappropriate When I was in 12th, some of the back benchers (no I wasnt one) had started watching Pron in class.. One of them was watching pron in our English period.. He was so aroused that his duck...
  10. mati17

    Sothink Video Converter Help Needed

    Dear Forum, I have a hollywood movie with dual audio (Hindi & English) in mkv format. I played it on my pc with vlc media player. It can be played in both english or hindi. Now i want to convert it in 3gp format to view in my mobile. I convert it with "Sothink video converter". it converts it...
  11. A

    RE: Photo Editing

    How to make Black and White<B/W> photo colourful..... and plz tell the procedure and software to do it (sorry for bad english)
  12. ithehappy

    Could someone please tell me how to have UK English, instead of US Craplish?

    I am fed up with this. Every time I am writing an email or something in a blog or here, these meaningless spelling recommendations and red error given on correctly spelled words are beyond my toleration. Colour, red underline, and so many other words which I don't remember right now, disgusting...
  13. aal-ok

    Modern Warfare 1 language pack

    I downloaded COD4 MW but it turned out to be russian, can anybod give me link to english language pack or is there any other solution to the problem.
  14. sanny16

    list of best hindi and english movies

    Hindi movies like vastav, shool, satya English movies like shawsank redemption, godfather, scarface, beautiful mind, munich Sugest me some good names
  15. D

    Best DTH for 2 Tvs

    I have an airtel DTH on one TV and the other has a siti cable DTH. Since the siti cable is not showing any English movie channel for Rs 250(Yes, ive been paying 250 pm), I want to shift to another DTH service as they are demading Rs 320 pm for the English channels. I am thinking of buying a...
  16. H

    GTA V listings appear at webhallen and Amazon.de for PC

    Not an official confirmation yet. Could just be retailers speculating or a simple mistake like with DQX getting an english release. Grand Theft Auto (GTA) V (5) - WEBHALLEN.com...
  17. Allu Azad

    Guess The Song

    Hi guys , Can you guess which song is this ? I have given the english translation of a hindi song ( some parts of the lyrics ) . Try whether you can identify which song is this . If you are to be sad, I too would be sad with you Though I may not be visible, I will be close to you Wherever...
  18. R

    Heidi - Girl of the alps

    Hey guys, If you are the 90's person, you must have watched Heidi cartoon series on CN. Now that it's not there anymore, does anyone know of any website/place/whatever from where I can buy the DVD? It was a damn good classic cartoon series and my cousins want to watch it. There are episodes...
  19. HorrayforPeePee

    Podcast :D

    hey guys, I like listening to audio stories, I would like to know is there any app for Nokia symbian S60 ? I would also like to know if there is any Hindi as well as English podcast on stories, any best sites where I can download them. Thanx.
  20. L

    Methods to study English

    Hey guys! I'm not a native English speaker but I do my best to become an advanced speaker. I wonder which methods/books/other things you use to learn this language. Currently I'm using Online English application from lsbf (a school in London). Here is the video - LSBF London & InterActive...
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