1. clmlbx

    some good english songs ?

    hey can any one name some good english songs ? I need it for some reason . all latest and must listen songs
  2. solomon_paulraj

    Learn English, Donate Rice!

    Guys/gals, interesting site i came across.. for a good cause..:-) *www.freerice.com/index.php
  3. ajayritik

    Best Torrent site for downloading English movies!

    I'm Sorry if I'm not supposed to ask this question on the forum. But if I can then can someone give me a good torrents site to download English movies!
  4. A

    Problem with english fluency

    Can any one suggest me ways to increase my english fluency?? I know all gramatical aspects but the problem is while speaking,I will get afraid and speak naively.This problem is especially while talking to teachers and girls
  5. Batistabomb

    Which is your favourite song,listen and rate it

    GUYS speak out your favourite song so that all digit user's can hear them if you provide the link and rate you,the highest rater will stood first : English : Reginal Language / Other Languages : Hindi ...
  6. goobimama

    Devnagri style english font> Anyone?

    I wanted that font, the one which has english alphabets, but looks ethnic. A common use of that is for Ganesh Chaturti or something like that. It's english alphabets with a stroke/line on top to give it that devnagri/hindi look. If anyone comes across such a font or has one, please let me...
  7. the.kaushik

    BioShock demo is not working in my pc

    Today i got my digit and being excited with my new pc i tried this game from the digit dvd and hell i got this error "Bioshock.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience." I was upset to see that as it being the first game i tried on my new pc and it...
  8. iMav

    Scan - Translate - Print

    Thats exactly what this printer does .... and the best part is it does all this on its own :) Fuji Xerox's Photocopier Translates English to Japanese or Korean Fuji Xerox has developed a new photocopier that can scan a document written in English and then...
  9. M

    Configuration question

    Hi, i've recently moved to the UK for education, and need to buy a laptop. I'd posted threads before about choosing a laptop (Dell Vs. HP etc) and i'd decided to buy a Dell inspiron 1520, which set me back about 51k. Unfortunately, the 1520 series has a 5 week waiting period, and i'll...
  10. A

    English movies must watch in a life time

    Here post all your favorite English movies My favorites are Home alone series, Matrix Series, Terminator series, Back to the future series, Rush hour series and so on
  11. S

    Windows Vista Language Problem..Please help

    I have a HP Pavilion laptop with French Windows Vista Home Premium installed. Is it possible to change the OS language to English? (I am not talking about keyboard input language. I want system language to be English). Please help... Thanks in advance...
  12. kool

    i bought mp4 player (4 GB) for Rs.1100 !!

    Hi friends, Today i bought a local mp4 player of 4 GB for Rs.1100, but bundeled disk is blank, so from where i can download Drivers/software for my player???? Right now i'm able to play only mp3 files by drag & drop like pendrive. Can anyone tell me how to play video, text file?? Nothing is...
  13. G

    can we improve english over the internet

    hey guy's can u tell me can we improve english via internet.
  14. pritish_kul2

    English Audio Songs

    From whr can i download English audio songs. i want to download not listen.
  15. acesuresh

    Save the Students !! Why should they pay?

    Hi All, I think everyone knows the fuss about schools teaching in English medium while they had obtained permission to teach in Kannada. It's been over ten years now, 1.Why is our primary and secondary education minister Basavaraj S Horatti is acting in such a manner? 2.Whats wrong in...
  16. D

    Carrer Confusion

    Hello everyone: I recently wrote the class X CBSE examination and am (very) anxiously awaiting its results. I am in a dilemma as to what I have to take and what I have to drop as subjects. I am sure many of you are facing the same situation too. I am an average student with score of about...
  17. H

    Help With F.E.A.R. patch installation after Ver. 1.04

    I have the original F.E.A.R. English US Directors edition DVD version.The problem's that when i install FEAR and after that the English US patches from 1.01-1.04 they install perfectly but when i install FEAR English Us patches which were released after 1.04 which means 1.05 to 1.08 i get this...
  18. N

    English Movies..

    Guys I Wanna Download A Lot Of English Movies..so Please Suggest Me Some Good English Movies.suggest Me As Much U Can.please Reply.
  19. CadCrazy

    Software to convert pdf files in other languages to english ????????

    Is there any software to convert pdf files in some other language to english ??????????????
  20. Asfaq

    Blogger now in Hindi (officially)

    Wow.. Blogger finally enabled transliteration technology on their blogs.. what this means is that as you type words in English, Blogger will automatically convert them into Hindi, so you dont have to remember all those keymaps anymore! Aweaome huh.. Source.
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