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  1. M

    bitlocker encrypted pen drive not getting decrypted.

    I have Encrypted my 32 GB sandisk dual pendrive through default utility BITLOCKER available in windows 7. I have also given password to it via bitlocker. but, now i want to remove password of it , when i enter password after connecting it to pc for unlocking through bitlocker, it...
  2. J

    Tools to recover data from encrypted hard disk

    My laptop is crashed and hard disk is showing BSOD error when connected to different laptop. I am unable to repair since it is encrypted with Mcafee endpoint encryption software. I badly need to recover the data from the encrypted hard disk since there is no backup. Please help me how to...
  3. patkim

    TrueCrypt SW - Query

    Has anyone used TrueCrypt, open source encryption tool? Am exploring it currently. It also provides encrypted file container as a volume that can be mounted so that it appears as one more volume in Explorer. All files you copy & process here are now encrypted and internally reside inside that...
  4. C

    How to recover signature for (decrypting) Encrypting File System (EFS) from Windows XP machine

    I used the encrypt file option in Windows XP and encrypted a few files without taking the back up of the EFS certificate. Now the hard disk(HD1) is not booting but I am able to run it as external disk in another system running on XP, showing all the files and folders. In order to access the...
  5. K

    Message comes on!

    Hi, It relates to Mozilla Firefox for Windows XP. Before attempting to open my gmail account, the message below appears on the screen automatically. What is actually and how to stop appearing it? You have requested an encrypted page that contains some unencrypted information...
  6. hansraj

    How to find an encrypted file in a PC!!!

    Guys, I have been using Truecrypt for a long time. It provides encryption which they claim that its almost impossible to break(though nothing is impossible but still they claim so as it will take really long to crack). However my doubt is, if i have an encrypted file in my pc and i have...
  7. K

    Encryption problem

    Hello Sir, I am serving in the Indian Army and a regular follower of your magzine especially the Tech Q & A.Thought that your tech experts could solve this MAJ problem related to encryption. Actually i had encrypted some of my very important documents in one of the folders, on my desktop. but...
  8. zegulas

    Decrypt Encrypted files in Windows XP

    I had ecrypted some images in Windows XP, then something went wrong with the OS and I had to re-install XP and now the files which were encrypted show "invalid image" when opened. What can I do to recover them?
  9. iinfi

    network spoofing tools

    i am trying some encryption software and tools like encrypting emails using pgp's desktop encryption and encrypting files for transferring over network etc. i want to test whether it is really encrypted while it moves over the network. do we have any tools which spoof the local network so as...
  10. max_demon

    Please help a PHP newbie :.

    Hello dear friends , I need help creating a php script which does the following has a input box to enter encrypted data submit button then i have a decrypt.php file which should be used as decryption criteria for encrypted data after that the result should be visible in the screen please...
  11. T

    The Best Anti-Keylogger Software !

    Keyscrambler I just thought this might be useful to people basically what this does is it encrypts your keystrokes so in the event that you are keylogged they will just receive a bunch of random characters for example n8\;2gc7'f;ut64 jdb64p-nusrj,28fbd[n[ w,\s, KeyScrambler Personal is a...
  12. T

    Need to encrypt the DVDS for copying!!!

    Hello everybody, I have a collection of DVDS and would like to continue with that. I sometimes do make copies of the original ones if I am not able to get them but the problem is that some are encrypted and couldn’t be copied. I am looking for a tool that can copy the encrypted ones and be...
  13. iMav

    India May Ban Facebook, Orkut and Foreign Social Networking Sites

    Close on the heels of the recent directive to telecom operators to provide for lawful interception of Blackberry and other encrypted messaging services, the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) has now asked Social Networking sites based outside India to fall in line. "Sites such as Orkut and...
  14. go4saket

    Problem with Truecrypt?

    Hi Guys! I have some very very confidential date in my computer which I keep in encrypted format using Truecrypt. For testing purpose, I installed a key logger in my computer and then mounted my encrypted date using Truecrypt. After that I checked my key logger software and to my horror, I...
  15. azzu


    My frnd sent me a pdf document regarding autodesign from turin and he have encrypted it.He will be not in touch with me for moore than a week any thing to know the pass of the pdf document ???
  16. D

    How do you Decrypt encrypted files & folders ?

    Firstly, I wish all u forum members are A-okay Sorry, for not attending the forum ==> study pressure XI-XII standard. Please forgive me all Just help me out with this one plz ~ I had to format my machine recently (about 2 months back) , its not the issue, and had to set-up Windows XP...
  17. saikibryan

    microsoft private folder problems

    guys i've been using microsoft private folder for securing my datas when i format my HDD i usually first "export encrypted files" to one of my HDD partition... after reinstalling private folder i "import encrypted files" from the previously moved folder... now my problem is when i try to open...
  18. M

    Encrypt a Folder

    Hello, Can any one tell me how to encrypt a folder in Windows XP Prof. SP2 without any third party tool.So that no other user can able to access except the user encrypted it.
  19. redhat

    How to extract encrypted files?

    I recently formatted my computer. I had encrypted a folder, using Win XP's encryption. But I forgot to decrypt it, before installation. Someone please tell me, how to extract the files from such encrypted folders as they contain very valuable information? Also, does formatting, also erase the my...
  20. kumars

    Decrypt in Windows without a certificate

    Guys, i had encrypted some snaps in Windows.. But one day my PC crashed and i reinstalled the OS and now when i am trying to view the snaps i m not able to view them coz they are encrypted!! How do i decrypt them?? I tried to uncheck the encrypt thing from properties but doesn't help...
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