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microsoft private folder problems

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guys i've been using microsoft private folder for securing my datas
when i format my HDD i usually first "export encrypted files" to one of my HDD partition...
after reinstalling private folder i "import encrypted files" from the previously moved folder...
now my problem is when i try to open those datas, be it *jpeg/.doc/...or whatever, it's simply not opening when they r left in my HDD partition without the protection by that damn software...
i guess they've been encrypted...
i want to shift to PC Security from MS Private Folder...
guyz plz help...how do i open them in normal mode
can't they b reverted into normal mode, i mean no encryption mode????

P.S. they r doin just fine when shifted under MS private folder...no probs


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i dunno whether this will work for you, but it worked for me! i hope you know how to handle Linux.

First be sure to have a FAT32 partition. Then boot up with a Linux live CD/DVD that can mount the drives on your HDD (automatically or manually, whatever). Now copy the encrypted folder contents (not the folder) to the FAT32 partition (use a different folder name here). Now I guess you will be able to access your files.

>> Tell me if it worked, tell me even if it didn't work!
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