1. bestpain

    mini keyboard for laptop

    i need a keyboard which is lightweight and easy to carry. i usually code all the time ...so my keyboard should not effect my typing speed. budget less than 1k.
  2. A

    Audio system for my TV

    Please suggest if these F&D speakers are good. If i can connect them and get proper 5.1 effect. My TV is BPL LED . I watch movies mainly via chromecast. No HD Channels as of now. My main concern is whether ill get the 5.1 effect. Any other speakers please suggest :). My budget is 10k max. :razz...
  3. J

    Intel 5th Gen processor

    Does anyone know of a laptop with the intel 5th gen processors? Also, will the new series have any effect while playing the newer age games like Arkham Knight?
  4. Cyberghost

    Mass Effect: Andromeda

    Mass Effect: Andromeda *www.youtube.com/watch?v=uG8V9dRqSsw Studios - Bioware Montreal Publisher - EA Release Date - 2016 Mass Effect 4 has an official name and release window. Mass Effect: Andromeda, announced during EA’s E3 press conference, has been announced for a Holiday...
  5. L

    Mass Effect and Diablo not working on HP Laptop

    I had bought Mass Effect and Diablo Game discs the other day and tried to play on my HP Laptop but after they finished installing and asked to proceed for gameplay they abruptly stopped and windows showed check compatibility settings. The configuration of laptop is : AMD A8 Processor 500 GB...
  6. P

    Far Cry 3 (PC) Co-op Issues

    Ok, so I haven't really tried playing the co-op in this game but when I tried today, I can't seem to be able to connect to the Ubisoft servers. I do have UPlay running and the latest patch (I think it's 1.05), but still no go. It keeps saying failed to connect to Ubisoft servers, or something to...
  7. GhorMaanas

    Skyrim & Belkin N52TE key-mapping

    Hello everyone! i am having a Belkin N52TE speedpad since long, but only started using it recently when started playing Skyrim. tried key-mapping on it. everything works fine, except the D-pad. whatever key i map to the D-pad buttons, the software simply won't comply, and all it does is move...
  8. R

    Earphones for Rs.1.5k

    Please someone suggest me earphone with good bass effect.
  9. T

    IndieGala Bundle (Mass Effect 2 for 6$)

    Hey guys, IndieGala is having one of their sales. You'll get Mass Effect 2 if you pay more than the average , these are the bundled games: Rebuild Kill Fun Yeah Shadowgrounds Gimbal Shank 2 Zombie Driver Mass Effect 2 (5.85$ and above) Link: *www.indiegala.com/
  10. rst

    Mass Effect 4

    Mass effect series is my favorite game series. Now there is news for mass effect 4. So we can expect mass effect 4 in 2014-16(although actual date not confirmed). There will be no "Shepard " in mass effect 4 (new story) for more...
  11. D

    What is The Difference Between IPv6 and IPv4? HOW WILL IT EFFECT MY MACHINE ?

  12. speedyguy

    Urgent Advice Required - Budget 4.1/2.1 speakers under 4.5K

    Hi, I bought an iBall Tarang 4.1 speakers recently but I guess my expectations were slightly higher than it performed. I realized I should have looked into a slightly higher budget to get that. Please advice me some 2.1/4.1 speakers that I can look into. I admire good filtered bass...
  13. M

    Sound card latency...

    I have a realtek HD Audio sound card on my laptop.. I use GuitarFX Box for sound processing my guitar sound.. but it gives a noticeable latency when i play fast notes... I have used ASIO4all too but there is no effect of that.. My sound card supports WDM streaming.. I also tried to tweak up with...
  14. ashutosh_jain

    Should Big Boss be closed.

    While surfing the net few days, I noticed a thread which demanded serials like Big boss to be closed down as they show vulgar contents and leave a bad effect on the public.... What you think about this guyz.... Here is the link of that thread...
  15. gameranand

    New Mass Effect Game in Works

    OK the Omega DLC was just released for ME3 and now Bioware has started working on a new Mass Effect game, name of game is not disclosed yet. Bioware is asking gamers to give their feedback for the game, what they want, what they don't and all that. Would you like a new ME game after ME3 ?? What...
  16. N

    [For Sale] PS3 - Mass Effect 3

    PS3 - Mass Effect 3 Rs.900 Shipped Disc has crack in inner ring i.e. on plastic as per attached pics...bt it works gud in PS3 with no problems whatsoever... intrstd buyer can contact me... in case disc doesn't work refund wld be given...
  17. C

    Will cloud effect network administration. ?

    Hi all, i had done my CCNA Routing and switching and working as a system admin in a small company. Will this experience help me in finding a job on CCNA ( My goal is CCIE R&S ) in coming future. And i heard that cloud computing and data centers will effect on network admin openings, is that...
  18. S

    No anti alising effect HD 6870

    Hello guys, First something about my PC Mobo= Intel DH55TC, Micro-ATX Form Factor, LGA1156 Socket Type, Dual Channel DIMM Memory, PCIe x16 Slots, Generation 1, 2.0. Processor= Intel 3.06 GHz LGA 1156 Core i3-540. RAM= two sticks, total 4 GB. Monitor= LG2041 20 inches with 1600*900...
  19. Bhav

    Headset for motorola fireXT 530

    I want to buy headset for my Motorola Fire Xt 530 and i wand loud and clear audio with good bass effect please suggest good headsets and budget of headset is 1000 rs
  20. mandarpalshikar

    Mass Effect 3 "Out of Memory" problem

    While running ME3 sometimes when new levels are being loaded I get warning from windows that Mass Effect 3 is using a lot of memory (more than 6 GB) out of my 8GB. I can ignore that warning but then after sometime the game hangs. I checked in task manager and mass effect 3 executable uses around...
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