1. S

    Required Mobile Under 2K

    The phone should have 1. Good sound quality 2. Recording function(music etc..) 3. Good battery 4. Decent Camera 5. Easy Functionality Samsung/Nokia model is highly preferable. Regards,
  2. H

    Ultrabook for Photoshop and Gaming

    i need an ultrabook for photoshop and occasional gaming...like skyrim, WoW, etc. budget is 60k and i don't have any brand preferences. i'd like something easy to carry around...so nothing too heavy. can u guys help me?
  3. ithehappy

    Razer Ouroboros. What's your view?

    Not a fan of Razer when it comes to mice but this upcoming one seems to be the perfect choice for me. I heartily love my G9 and was thinking of altering to a newer and better one, G9X was an idiotic upgrade, so this might be it. Killer looks, great features etc. Just need to see if it grips easy...
  4. papul1993

    HP Veer for 7.8K on Ebay, Good buy?

    Hi all, My mom needs a new phone. She only uses the phone for calls and has been using a Nokia 1110 for all these years, which has gone kaput. :P I thought, why not give her a HP Veer? It is small and easily handled, has a smooth OS, easy to operate(not too sure about this but from the reviews...
  5. S

    Speakers for home and business?

    hi, i recently bought a new laptop and love to play games, watch movies and listen to music on it. currently i am doing all this using a pair of in-ear earphones. i wish to buy a 2.1 channel speaker set which has great sound and is also mobile. by mobile i don't mean small, i'll only have to...
  6. RON28

    how to assemble a pc?

    can anyone just give me the link of any website regarding how to assemble a pc for first time, with diagrams or pictures in simple and easy language :) actually want to know each and every part of pc, there compatibility issues etc, :)
  7. shivkumar

    Best format for archiving videos

    I have gathered a huge collection of camera recorded videos, movie DVDs, VCDs, TED videos, other ripped videos, etc in a wide array of formats. I want to convert them in a uniform format primarily for saving space. The requirements are: 1. should be common format (not some obscure or uncommon...
  8. ayushman9

    Please guide in setting up a small home media server

    1 . I have a spare PC at home ,win 7 ultimate based , that can be powered on 24 hrs . It is connected to an external 1 TB hard drive in which I store all my media files . However it is adapter based & not portable & hence i keep it connected to PC. 2. I have 2 laptops both win 7 ultimate...
  9. pranav0091

    Leaked benchmarks show up for GTX 680

  10. dfcols71

    suggestion for these components

    budget 25000/- 1.psu 850watt rs 9800 max 2.cabinet 5000-7000 max good cable management,airflow usb2-2,usb3-1 dust covers easy hard disk attachment 3. hard disk sata 1gb 4. ddr3 ram 1600mhz 8gb
  11. E

    se xperia pro doubts

    hey guys i am going to buy se xperia pro.i have few questions regarding to it. 1>i will use the phone for watching videos,both on youtube and on the device itself.so i want to know how is the video playback of it?i mean what format does the device play and how easy is to convert videos for...
  12. pramudit

    software for animation

    me and my friend are intersted in making some anumations after exam but there are just so many to choose from and there trials are also in GBs.... this would be our first try so please suggest a easy to use software... have heard name like 3ds max, blender, maya, cinema4d... used blender but...
  13. A

    ubuntu troubleshooting

    Hello guys. I am having trouble with ubuntu 11.04 on my laptop.After installation it works fine with a mouse but the pointer only shakes and behaves abnormally with the track pad.The same disc I used to install ubuntu works fine on my desktop and my fathers laptop. Help me out coz I need a linux...
  14. jatt

    Need Onlince donation service on website

    I would like to create a website linked to a bank or investment account so that friends and other relatives can gift $ or Rs. to be used in support of the disabled persons. Ideally, the website would process credit cards, paypal, account withdrawals, so that it is easy for people to donate...
  15. MetalheadGautham

    Vacuum Cleaner - That can suck anything inside

    I am in need of a vacuum cleaner. It should ideally be as versatile as possible, work fine for almost any kind of surface, and perhaps controllable speed. Suggest the cheapest hell sucker I can buy :twisted: I found two on flipkart: Flipkart: Eureka Forbes Easy Clean: Vacuum Cleaner But...
  16. Ronnie11

    Netbooks or tablets??

    Hey guys,i have a query....this is for a friend of mine...well he is wondering whether he should go for netbook or a tablet..his budget is about Rs20000...he needs internet on the move,to watch movies,pictures etc...but there is another query here...tablets with 3g connections turn out to be...
  17. dhan_shh

    "Got a New Mango.....htc radar"

    Hi all, After taking a small risk of selling my beloved iPhone 4(1year and 1month old) and heavy battery hungry SGSII,I bought 'htc radar' for 23.2K! Looks smooth,breezy,great display,easy customization......!(wait...wait...any new phone always look good...!)...
  18. A

    Create a VPN Server in Windows ?

    Hello there, I was just searching over Internet about how to create a VPN Server in Windows7, and came to know that Windows has inbuilt tools to create a VPN Server. But I was wondering if there are any quick and easy alternative way to create a VPN Server in Windows7. I have tried creating...
  19. blackpearl

    Need a calendar app for android

    I'm trying to find a good calendar app that does not rely on Google Calendar. Why can't I have a good offline calendar that can store events on my phone? I want something like I had for symbian phones. Easy to use, nothing complex or trying to do too much. Please suggest me.
  20. S

    downloader for ubuntu

    Is there any downloader just like Internet Download Manager for Ubuntu? So that it wil be easy to download. Please suggest me.
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