1. rockthegod

    Regarding NFSUG2 Soundtracks...

    nebody kno the procedure of importing tracks (soundtracks) into NFSUG2 replacing the default ones ???? (compared 2 the songs in old NFSUG, the tracks in UG2 suck !!!) ... it was easy with UG1 ...but with UG 2 thr seems 2 be no fast n easy tweaking tools available...if nebody knows..plzzzzz post...
  2. Doddy

    Hibernate and Tomcat

    Is it possible to make hibernate work with Tomcat without altering the server.xml? I don't have easy access to server.xml and I'd like to control it from my application only.....
  3. Curious Guest

    Acronis Migrate Easy v7.0.619

    Acronis Migrate Easy v7.0.619 Quickly and easily deploy a new HDD on your PC - migrating all data and keeping all operating systems and applications fully functional in minutes automatically! Why waste time reinstalling all your programs and data when you can simply move...
  4. G

    31337 sp3@k 93N3R@T0r

    http://ryanross.net/leet/leet2.gif download here http://ryanross.net/leet/l33t_v12.zip for more info http://ryanross.net/leet/
  5. Maverick340

    Really Ameture.....

    Name :Aman Backgroung:No knowledge of Web Servers,PHP,CSS,HTML,VB,Apache,C++, Intersted In: Knowing A little about all of this in a easy manner? Any Replies?NO! PLEASE HELP
  6. koolbluez

    Best Free Online File Storage?

    I'm not sure if it's discussed already, I searched with no useful results in the forum, but I seriously am not able to decide, which is the best online storage provider, which doesn't require any sw dldin, provides huge space, dldin limits r high... and so on... I tried XDrive & Yahoo...
  7. godsownman

    Assemble a computer

    I want to assemble a computer for my own personal use. I know quite a bit but have learnt all that own my own and also i have not seen anybody make one. I have read books and on the internet . Do you recommend i try making or should i avoid . Is it difficult or easy
  8. S

    learning linux

    can u tell me which site is very easy & quickly learn linux
  9. mohit

    Suggest a software ofr making CD'S/DVD'S from my handycam.

    I am using a Sony DCR TRV 50E PAL handycam . Please tell me a very user friendly and easy software for a beginner like me which will allow me to create high quality cds/dvds from my tapes. I am a beginner and I am looking for a easy n comprehensive software. I have got the Ulead Visual Studio 6...
  10. B

    IS there any Graphical User Interface for PHP

    Am so sick of trying to make php code and wasting lot of my time, as am a web designer ,, so is there any GUI for PHP which automatically generates php codes and makes my development fast and good and easy.. plz let me know , be really thanks full to ya ll.. and also a particular downloads...
  11. R

    Access your PC from anywhere in just three easy step

    this is very good stuff. you can access your PC from whereever you are in just three easy step. Feel amazing but one condition is there your PC must connected with Internet. Find this stuff at www.gotomypc.com :D
  12. P

    buying a laptop

    need the cheapest buy... i mostly read PDFs..whitepapers etc.. need to write code.. JAVA, maybe .net..sometime later no games..maybe simple chess etc. no hi fi sound needed, but spkrs i want.. most impt must be realllllly light, easy 2 carry... BTW how much is a sony vaio(grey...
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