1. A

    Rooting the Xperia ZR

    How do i root my Xperia ZR in easiest possible way. :).. Phone details:
  2. Tejas.Gupta

    Easy Money ! :D

    Earn Money Sitting at Home ! :D The easiest and fastest way to make Money online. No need of Website traffic content Nothing ! Yes ~SITE NAME REMOVED~ is the easiest way to earn online ! All you have to do is just enter Captcha images ! The more time you give to it you'll earn more ! Money can...
  3. bubusam13

    sansa clip playlist

    Hi, I don't know which thread should I put it. I think community> tutorial would suit it best. I have made this tutorial first time. So pls tell me is somewhere I am wrong or any other suggestion create sansa clip+ playlist (easiest method) - YouTube
  4. P

    Transfer huge amount of data

    I want to trasnsfer huge amount of data(more than 250 gb) from my cousins 2 PC's(laptop n desktop) into my laptop.Can anyone suggest me the easiest way for the same.?
  5. ithehappy

    Software to check FPS while Gaming

    As the title says what softwares can I use to check how much FPS I am getting when playing a game? The easiest yet effective one's will get the preference as always. Thanks in advance.
  6. Cooltechie

    easiest programming language

    Which is the easiest programming language for newbie programmer,including learning curve :grin:
  7. Dark Star

    Blender noob

    I am total noob in blender. I missed all the tutorials published in lfy and my sis sold those to kabadhi wala I can't help it now.. I want to get started with blender. I tried it a bit but its intimidating for a newbie in 3d.. So I request you guys to link me to the easiest of the easiest...
  8. P

    Which is easiest way to run tar.gz file on Windows XP ?

    Hello all, Can someone tell me which will be "Easiest" way to run/install tar.gz files on Windows XP. I am aware that once can install Virtual PC/VM ware & install linux image, but just to test tar (in .py or .c) file of 20 kb, I do not want to open & start VM Ware from scratch taking huge...
  9. bhutanesedude

    Disk Partition in Vista

    Hi to all, Can any one tell me whether I can make the partition to my Hard disk, which is using Vista Ultimate? I mean, like, right now I have only one hard disk of 250GB, that is C, but now I want to partition is without having to format it or without having to reinstall the OS, so can any one...
  10. G

    C compiler

    I have OpenSUSE11.But did not find "cc" command to compile c programs.How can I compile c programs? Please suggest easiest way.
  11. H

    A Networking qs.

    Well i think it is the sutable section for this qs. Yesterday i gave an interview and my field is Computer networking, But there is a qs which evoked my quest , Hope someone pecify it. Actualy interviewer asked how can we do this >> Scenario 1 lan of 50 nodes 30 to students and 20 to...
  12. T


    Hi, I want to make a website on .co.cc plz tell me the easiest and the best software to make a website
  13. mayneu

    Help me pls...

    I am going to change my windows to install linux. I am fed up with its stability. Some or the other problem i am facing these days. So anyone tell me the easiest and the windows like interface with all features of usability comparable to windows in linux ?
  14. trigger

    Easiest way of downloading videos from Youtube.. :)

  15. anantkhaitan

    Vista install in 2 minutes

    Today i came across this superb video and thought of sharing it with you all..Do check it.. it is the easiest way of installing Vista on your machine.. :D Vista install in 2 minutes
  16. S

    iPhone Unlock Toolkit

    One click to unlock your iPhone. Use your iPhone as an iPod and PDA without signing up AT&T service. No computer knowledge needed, simply download the software and unlock your iPhone in seconds. No wonder, it is the easiest way to unlock your iPhone. Now supports iPhone 4G/8G. iPhone Unlock...
  17. wizrulz

    Help With Photoshop...

    I know there r amny photoshop masters in here...i want help for making golden and silver color on maroon/red background (letters).....can anyboyd explain easiest way to do it...i hav searched net and didnot found it easy.... :D
  18. G

    update contacts from mobile

    I'd like to update all my contacts from my cellphone to my yahoo address book. What is the easiest way to do so ?
  19. T

    Easiest way to get a Ubuntu 6.06 CD

    Hi all. Few of my friends stay near Bangalore (20 KMs away from the city,don't know the exact location). They need to use a linux distribution to learn C/C++ for their Embedded Systems course. They do not have net connection at home currently so cannot download any distro right now. I would...
  20. C

    Random Questions...

    Hello guys I have lots of question in my mind so I m posting them all here. 1.) Can we resume torrents download just like Limewire.? 2.) How much Ram can we add to a Gygabyte motherboard with intel 82845 chipset.? 3.) Are torrents legal? 4.) Which is the easiest RAD(Rapid application...
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