1. Mizanurification

    [App] Viper4android [Easy Guide]

    Most people do know about Viper4Android and some even use it while most dont bother coz of the complex nature. This guide is for them. Earlier i used ES18, Pistons 2 and was using a Rs.90 Ubon earphone after my P2 went kaput. I'm no way an audiophile and don't like spending too much on...
  2. rickenjus

    error message in boot screen

    Every time my pc boots I am getting these two error along with a long beep. Earlier I was getting an error message only all the content till "error 912" line, then I tried changing booting preference for hard disk, floppy disk etc in bios (which I don't know a thing about, did it randomly)...
  3. ajayritik

    Need to buy a mobile

    I'm planning to gift a mobile to one of the family member. They have Galaxy S2 Earlier so this will be an upgrade. Not much into gaming mostly will use it to take pics and install some Health Related Android Apps. Currently I'm looking for Note3 or maybe S4. But I feel these are slightly...
  4. M

    MTNL (DSL_Unlimited_550_Combo) downgrade to 512 KBPS

    Hi guys, Since yesterday, my internet got very slow for this plan and i got only 512kbps speed after 6pm. So i checked official MTNL site, there i found out noted below changes: DSL_Unlimited_550_Combo (7AM to 6PM) - 512Kbps (6PM to12AM) - 512Kbps (earlier - 1MBPS) (12AM to 7AM) -...
  5. T

    Buying Starcraft 2 Digital Copy

    I want to buy and download digital copy from BLizzard website. Has anyone done that earlier? The download sizes are Huge hence worried a bit.
  6. T

    Gamepop: A Casual Gaming console launched earlier in May, priced at $129 by BlueStacks

  7. H

    Python interactive interpreter finally adds tab completion

    cpython: d5ef330bac50 About time too. You could do it earlier but you had to explicitly import it. It was not inbuilt.
  8. darkv0id

    Are pings in any way related to download speeds? Need help!

    So, here's the thing: my Tata Photon+ wireless has FUP with max download speed of (3.1 Mbps) upto 12 GB. During this, my pings on CS 1.6 servers in Delhi range from 60-120 ms. However, when the usage limit is exceeded, the speeds fall down to 128 kbps. What's strange is that my pings, which...
  9. GhorMaanas

    1 long beep followed by 3 short beeps - Asus Motherboard

    Hello everyone! although i checked up on the net on this issue and have almost found the answer to it, but still would like to confirm this with members here. i have an Asus P8Z68 V-Pro motherboard. i tried to switch it ON y'day after many days, but it kept restarting for several times during...
  10. A

    Android powered 75% of Smartphones shipped in Q3 2012

    IDC: Android on 75% of smartphones in third quarter BB, Symbian got completely slaughtered. I am not sure which period he means by Q3, but probably its the data before iPhone 5 came in. Even with iPhone 5, its probably in US & UK, Android has some competition in form of iOS, everywhere else its...
  11. U

    Need help buying a PC , Budget 60 K

    hey guys , I am in need of a PC as my old AMD 5600 X2 can't handle much now . So , basically i need the pc for 3d modeling and Designing purpose , Gaming, movies . What i don't need in this budget is UPS and Speakers . Also , i would want a 23" monitor least. Side note : Earlier i was...
  12. quan chi

    can we convert a 2.1 to 4.1.suggestions needed.

    Guys earlier I had 2 generic speakers but a month ago I got a 2.1 system.Now my query is is it possible in any way to utilize those two (earlier) speakers also so that I can make it a 4.1 speaker system.I have realtek onboard sound.
  13. soyab0007

    Getting problem in opening .Exe files

    I scanned my computer with microsoft security essentials and found 3 virus which includes svchost.exe After removing virus when i open any .exe files or installed application I get the below error.. I tried to system restore @ earlier state but nothing happened, files are opening when I...
  14. Tenida

    Dual-sim phone under 2K!!!

    Suggest me good dual-sim phone under 2K.I need no extra feature like MP3 player or Fm radio or something.Please don't suggest me phone from Micromax or other Chinese brand.I have used Q50 earlier, believe its most worst phone i ever used:-x Brand to choose- Nokia Samsung LG Motorola...
  15. T

    BSOD followed by the error ''the boot selection failed'

    Hi guys, sorry for another problem thread! Built this pc, thought everything was running stable but i got another BSOD earlier. After it has rebooted i get a message saying 'the boot selection failed because a required device is inaccessible 0xc000000e'. Currently i have the two OCZ...
  16. omega44-xt

    PC hangs while connecting to net

    My PC sometimes get hanged when i connect to my broadband via dial up connection. Mouse pointer moves but PC does not respond. It doesn't respond even after an hour. What could the problem be ?:-( Earlier when i posted the problem in digit forum, everyone suggested me to replace my PSU as...
  17. arshadmajeed

    UPS trouble! HELP!

    my UPS just beeps in between work,and suddenly stops,this is happening quite often now.my roommates' ups is also showing similar troubles,and it started earlier than mine.is this a bad current fluctuation problem,or is it something else,like earthing(we got none at this place:???:)
  18. G

    Help!! My monitor's display fogged out....

    Hello techies, Recently, my monitor (Samsung Syncmaster 591s) has got a problem with the display. The screen appears to be fogged out. I mean, it is too much brighter than earlier and screen appears to be washed out! But the brightness n contrast settings are same as earlier. I did not change...
  19. Blue Ripazah

    need to buy speakers

    hi i need to buy speakers my budget is Rs 2000 i m going to club it with my earlier 2.1 creative sbs 370 :-D :8-) :))
  20. L

    give me advice!!!

    hello guys, about three weeks ago i started a thread *www.thinkdigit.com/forum/pc-components-configurations/136030-help-needed-configure-heavy-duty-gaming-pc.html but i wasted 6k and now i have left with 44k only. earlier i was having about 50k. and i am going to buy my pc within...
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