BSOD followed by the error ''the boot selection failed'


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Hi guys, sorry for another problem thread!

Built this pc, thought everything was running stable but i got another BSOD earlier. After it has rebooted i get a message saying 'the boot selection failed because a required device is inaccessible 0xc000000e'.

Currently i have the two OCZ Agility 3 (with latest firmware) running on the Jmicron SATA 2 ports in RAID 0 on my Sabertooth X58 motherbood and i randomly get this problem. Doesn't seem to be any pattern to it. HDTune shows no errors on the Hard drive error check.

The odd thing is that this didn't happen when it was plugged into the marvel SATA 3 controller, it was just slower... because marvel are terrible > so i have figured out that it must be something to do with the RAID controller on the motherboard? I have the latest JMicron SATA drivers from the official ASUS website.

Another curious thing (not sure if it is related but i am going to post it anyway) is that before i rebooted it earlier HDtune was benching the hard drives and showing that i was getting 2.5gb a second which is impossible.. don't know if this has any relevance however..

I did a memtest earlier in the day to make sure that the RAM was running stable. It did one pass and no errors were found so i am ruling out the ram.

Here are the specs

Sabertooth x58 Asus Motherboard
24 GB of Corsair Vengeance RAM (i was told by the person i was building it for they wanted 24gb of RAM) 10-10-10-27 1.575V @ 1866Mhz
Intel 980x @ Stock - Arctic Freezer 7 PRO rev 2 (i have no intentions of overclocking)
XFX ATI 5770 1GB
Corsair Modular 750 Watt PSU

I haven't done much in the way of recent activity.. downloaded core temp, prime 95, speed fan and crysis demo.. played the demo for a bit, installed USB 3.0 drivers and did a few windows updates (all this had been done on marvel raid controller and was stable)

Help really appreciated, i know it is a pain in the arse! Thanks
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