1. A

    30 gb ipod video for sale

    guys i wanna sell my 30 gb ipod video black in good condition.. a few scrathes on the back panel.. its 14 months old.. i have lost the bill.. since it is out of warranty bill doesn't matter.. + not bundled ear phones it comes with creative ep 230 ear phones.. pref for bangalore but can ship...
  2. R

    what are noise isolation ear buds ?

    what are this noise isolation ear buds that are provided by dell along with laptops? are they different in any way with the usual ear phones
  3. S

    Hacking ur Body!!

    Pepole Have ways to hack computer. I got these cool stuff, hacking our body.Hope u'll like it. PLS leave a cmment 1. If your throat tickles, scratch your ear. When you were 9, playing your armpit was a cool trick. Now, as an adult, you can still appreciate a good body-based feat, but you're...
  4. phuchungbhutia

    SMPS noise hazzard

    my smps fan is giving me real pain in my ear .... is there some way to correct it .....
  5. ring_wraith

    I need a decent set of earphones.

    Hey! I am new to the forums , though i've been reading digit for a long time. Nice place you guys got here. Anywho, i was gonna buy a new ipod nano like tomorrow, and need a decent set of in the ear earphones to go with it. I am very particualr on them being in the ear. I was thinking of...
  6. ajayritik

    Do we get in Ear headphones in India?

    Does anyone know whether we get In Ear Headphones in India? What would be the price and where would they be available? What would be the cheapest price?
  7. vish786

    New 3D Browser

    Go through the demo which includes Introduction, 3D Search, 3D Tabbed Browsing, you need to have ear phones or speakers. Download and check it… *www.spacetime.com/home.php
  8. Pravas

    SE K790i Hyderabad

    Hello Everybody, i have Sony Ericsson k790i bought on October 2006. At that time it cost me 18500...but i am selling it for 8500k. My Packages Include:- SE k790i (The handset itself) ---Condition are very good. Ear Plug (Walkman)---Condition are very good. Data cable.---Condition are very...
  9. mAYHEM

    Earphones for Ipod

    I want to replace my stock ipod earphones with new pair of canalphones or in ear with a maximum budget of 2k.Can anyone suggest a good pair.
  10. R

    Creative EP-630 earphone

    I broke my Cowon U2 Audio Player’s earphone. That called for a new earphone. I called the distributor in Mumbai, who told me that they are not selling earphone separately. That brought me in the market for earphones. I heard a lot about Creative Ep 630 in ear earphones. I decided to...
  11. L

    Sugest a ear phone

    i recently got transcend mp3 player (T-sonic 610). Please sugest me a good ear phone for my mp3 player. please specify model no and price
  12. karthik55859

    SE K750i help

    I am intrested in buying SE k750i,,,but i need following clarification does it come with usb cable and necessary softs to connect to pc without any problem,,,,,,does it come with ear phones,,,,,can i play videos on it and in which format,,,,,and finally should i buy it ?????
  13. K

    In Ear earphones

    I'm looking to buy one of these. Does anyone here have previous experience with ear canal designs? More specifically the Shure E2c? *www.shurestore.com/earphones/eseries_e2c.html *reviews.designtechnica.com/review309.html How about the cheaper Sony ones...
  14. G

    Music from Cd Rom Drive.

    hai frens, As we have a seperate earphone jack in almost all Cd-Rom Drives, but why is it that i cant hear any music when i plugged my ear phones. Is that i have to change certain settings in my computer. Please help me to solve this problem. Bye
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