1. ssb1551

    Wireless Headphones/Earphones under 4 or 5k

    Hi Digitians, I am trying to reduce the amount of wires connected to my PC. So the first option is that of the wire from earphones. Does anyone know of any good wireless headset (headphone/earphone)? I am good with either a headphone (provided it has soft pads for the ear lobes) or an...
  2. Ronnie11

    Looking for IEM with budget of 2000-2300

    Hey guys, My Klipsch in ear earphones finally gave away after 3 years. I am now looking for a new in ear earphones for a budget of 2000-2300. My priority over everything else has to be excellent music quality. Not a heavy bass fan. So no Sony earphones pls. Good mids & Highs.Could you please...
  3. J

    Cheap Headphones 500Rs -700Rs

    Hello, As the title says i need cheap Headphone under 700Rs( I am not that rich :\ :P) Will be using to Watch movies/tv series on PC only(And maybe TV ). Over the ear preferred as the are more comfortable on ear. I am looking into Sennheiser hd 180 , Panasonic RP-HT161E-K and Intex...
  4. Sarang\m/

    Best In Ear Headphones for android

    Hello, I am looking for In Ear Headphones without Mic.My budget is around 2,000-/-. I am looking for the clarity of sound, with reasonable volume levels.
  5. anky

    URGENT! Need earphones.BUdget - 2000

    Hi Guys, Need earphones for around rs 2000 for bday on 3rd march to gift to myself! :P Need to order today itself. Which type of earphones should i buy. 1. IN ear wired earphones, or 2. IN ear wireless headphones. does wired have better qaulity over wireless? Usage - In Gym...
  6. 7shivam9

    [QUICK] Sennheiser CX213 vs. Mi In ear.

    Hey digitians. I'm looking for inear headphones under 1,000. I have chose Sennheiser CX213 and MI in ear headphones. Both priced at Rs. 999 I listen to almost everything! They'll be also used for watching movies. And i enjoy good bass. Ive been using sennheiser mx270 for over 6 months...
  7. 7shivam9

    [QUICK] Sennheiser CX213 vs. Mi In ear.

    Delete post Broswer glitch. Requesting mods to delete post.
  8. abhigeek

    Over ear headphone around 2k

    I want to buy Over ear headphones. I'm thinking about sennheiser as I already own cx 180 earphone and they are damn good. Budget: 2k Brand Preference: Sennheiser or anything better you could suggest. Usage: For online lectures, movies and songs. Anything else: I'm thinking about buying...
  9. R

    Need urgently Bluetooth headphones over the ear under 10,000

    Hi Guys, I want to buy need urgently Bluetooth headphones over the ear under 10,000 to maximum 12,000 which I can buy from eCommerce site. Will listen EDM, Jazz, Pop, Rock, Metal & Trans.
  10. Pratik Pawar

    Bluetooth Headsets Doubt

    guys, I was about to buy a new set of Bluetooth Headphones.. but now Im being apprehensive as majority of my friends (who use such) are telling its not of much use coz there is the big problem of Interefence. is it true? while listening to songs on bluetooth headsets, do we get real...
  11. V

    Need ear phone IEM.. Budget max 5k

    Hey guys I have owned Tekfusion Twinwoofers for the past 1 and Half years and I absolutely loved the bass!!.. Sadly from the past week, it's not working.. Sometimes I will hear sound in right ear and sometimes in left. It would be great if you guys can suggest me some damn...
  12. U

    Ear Buds with Mic in a budget of upto 1K

    I am looking for earbuds with Mic. Clarity and treble are priorities. Mainly for using it with my LG G2 mobile. I listen to classical and Film songs and only use 256 Kbps audio files. Bass is not that important but fine if present. Currently using Philips SHE2675BW. They are very comfortable...
  13. nikhilsharma007nikx

    Headphones for 3k

    Im looking for headphones around 3k. may extend upto 4k if the product is really good. I am planing to use for quite some time, like for 6-7hours continuous sessions of gaming, so i need bass and comfort and a good sound stage. Not muddy sound but clear and punchy bass. I will also be using...
  14. ajayritik

    How to repair the wire of the Brainwavz M1?

    I had bought the M1 couple of years ago from pristinenote. But now the wire connecting the left ear phone has come out slightly. Therefore I have to adjust it whenever I use it, to ensure I'm able to hear from the left ear phone otherwise it plays in only one earpiece. So how can I repair it...
  15. 7shivam9

    [Query] Exchange Sony XB400(Over head)with XB30EX(In ear). Anyone ? Or sell.

    Hey guys, I'd like to exchange my Sony XB400 with XB30EX if someone has it. Headphones are perfect conduction, reason for exchange is - I can't workout listening to music on these. I need in ear headphones. or use outdoor. Bass is mind blowing without any doubt. If someone wants to...
  16. I

    Durable IEM under 1k

    Hi, I am looking for durable ear phones for under 1k preferably 500 rs. (cheaper the better) for use with my Redmi Note 3G for music +audiobooks. I use ear phones very roughly and is not going to change ;) I have used many ranging from Chinese cheapos to sony MDREX220LP. And i have destroyed...
  17. G

    IN EAR EARPHONES...1k.....

    want good earphones <1k..... must be ... 1) good base 2) more louder 3) good looking...... heard about es 18 , Mi Piston , cowon em1, suggest best.... ty...
  18. .jRay.

    Urgent!! I need in ear earphones.

    I need a pair of in ear earphones for around 1.5 to 2k. Mostly for workouts. They should not move/fall off while running ,so we're looking for clip ons. Also sweat resistance is a requirement. Should have decent output and powerful bass. Suggest asap!! I'm on my way to a shop.
  19. A

    Over the ear Headphones <2k

    Please suggest some good Over the Ear headphones within 2k. I can stretch the budget to slightly more ~ 2.5k but not more. My prime concerns, besides good sound quality, is built/durability and comfort. Also, 2.1 speakers with same budget. Need to buy those too. Thanks!
  20. M

    which is the best ear phones ?

    Hi all. Pls suggest me good ear phones .. Price range 500 to 1000... Sound quality shud be superb...
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