1. ajayritik

    Best In Ear Wireless Phones between 1k-3k for Mobile

    Guys can anybody suggest a good wireless In Ear Phones for listening to music on Cell Phone. I remember seeing one from Samsung or Motorola which my friend said costs around Rs 2.8k. If anybody have any suggestions please let me know. I saw some wireless models but these are headphones and...
  2. stonecaper

    [URGENT]Sennheiser CX 200 IEM VS Lift Audio Groove Noise Isolating In-Ear And Others

    Hi All Can u please tell Me whether These deals are good or fake? i am too confuzed about amazon and amazon Marketplace 1.Sennheiser CX 200 In Ear Canal Ear bud Amazon.com: Sennheiser CX 200 In Ear Canal Ear bud: Electronics 2.Lift Audio Groove Series Noise Isolating In-Ear-Headphones (Red)...
  3. bozx

    //\\ In Ear Headphone Required //\\

    i have to buy a in ear headphone my budget is 1000 > 1200 INR. i already used EP-630 ( doesn't sound good with iPod Nano - very sharp sounds ) other than that also i dont need EP-830. please suggest some thing good with good bass.... :mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:
  4. phanisrinivas

    For " Ear Phones "

    I have Creartive Zen Stone Plus 2GB mp3 player. I want ear phones , perfect sound quality with bass ....... ( Senheiser/ Shure/ Philips/ Sony) Model!!! Which model is suitable??? ( in india )
  5. desiibond

    Sony Ericsson MH907 headphones: put your ears in control

    The Sony Ericsson MH907 headphones are motion activated, to start listening to music, users just place the two headphones in their ear, if you want to pause the music, you just remove one ear bud, and to start listening to the music again just place it in your ear. here is the video...
  6. speedyguy

    Earphone for ipod within 1k

    i saw a thread discussing the same but dint find exact answer for me... the thread gives ref to this site *store.apple.com/us/browse/home/shop_ipod/ipod_accessories/headphones?mco=6A1E959 ..but they r costly n all in dollars.... so i wanna know which wud be best for itouch 1G arrnd...
  7. M

    single ear cup headphone with mic

    Hi All, i am planning to purchase a headphone with mic. but want it with only a single ear cup. i searched for it, but unable to found one. can you guuys help me put. example : Panasonic RP-TCA94 (but it is for wireless phones, not for pcs) Jabra M5390 and Jabra GN9350 (terribly...
  8. S

    Earphone Dilemma

    Hiee guys....i am plannin on buyin a set of earplugs for my mp3 player i cant decide between the EP630 and SONY Fontopia In-Ear Headphones Twin Turbo MDR-ED12LP....i have a budget of 1200 can anyone suggest better ones......is there anythng better than the EP630 for that price....i have prefer...
  9. official

    need a earphone/headphone .....

    guys i have nokia 6630 mobile phone as my mp3 player. it supports stereo output.. i also have a 3.5 mm ear phone/head phone connector with me.. with this connector i can connect 3.5 mm ear phone/head phone with it. now i need to get the best of the ear phone/head phone available in the market...
  10. S

    Prices of SE-HPM earphones ?

    I want to know prices of HPM-70, HPM-75, HPM-82 in mumbai/pune. How does each of them fare when compared to Creative EP-630/635 ? Will I have to buy a SE earphone also in order to use EP-630 ? I have w800i. I lost the orginal bundled ear phones and used to use a alternate one without...
  11. shift

    Attention (MUST READ)

    Got this in my mailbox.... Don't eat kurkure because it contains high amount of plastic if U don't believe burn kurkure n u can see plastic melting. Please forward to all!!!!!!!!!!! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- News report from Times of...
  12. saurabh kakkar

    creative ep-630 owners plz help

    hi i have recently lost my creative ep-630 ear bud(medium size) Can any one suggest me what to do :??? where can i buy the ear bud ??? if it is not possible to buy Can any one of u send me ur ep-630 ear bud (medium size) in case u r not using it i will be very thankfull to u ...
  13. T

    Problem with my creative ep 635

    i have ran into a problem with my creative ep 635 after about 3 months of use .. the left ear bud now has about 60 % volume of the right ear bud.. i cleaned my earphones and the sound went normal next day . my friend advised me to suck to earbud so that the speaker falls into place.. it worked...
  14. S

    Making of Human Ear... Must see

    A cute little girl born having only one ear...went through a surgery and now having one fake ear
  15. MetalheadGautham

    I am growing Deaf

    I have been noticing that my right ear is loosing hearing abilities gradually. Even my left ear is not as strong as it was before, but the right is much weaker than the left, and when I listen to music in my MP3 Player I hear louder from left than right. Can someone tell me how I can get back...
  16. naveen_reloaded

    Expirience 3D effect with this Sound clip !!

    Have a good walkman mobile or ipod ? Or have any mp3 player with earphones ??? Then you are ready to go for a ride of life time... Theme : you are at a barber shop and get a virtual hair cut Download The sound Clip Here : *w15.easy-share.com/1700411661.html Note :!: : This...
  17. rohan_mhtr

    Got bored with ep-630 suggest better headphones

    I have creative ep630 headphones for about a month now and currently using it with n91 and psp .These are good budget headphones but recently one of my cousin from pune visited me and i had the chance to experience his shure in ear headphones . I dont know the model name exactly but he got them...
  18. C

    Which earphones?

    Well just lost my EP 630 yesterday. :( hostel thieves:mad: . Anyways whats the current cost of ep 630? I got them with Dell like a year ago. They were too good. So need to buy a new pair. Budget around Rs. 800 and when I plug them into my ear I shld hear nothing but sound. Shld I go for ep 630...
  19. D

    Over the Ear headphones - Max(1.5k)

    Please some one can suggest a good over the ear headphones for music in the maximum range of 1.5k or even 1k
  20. nix

    which are the good, ordinary earbuds? (not in the ear pls)

    i was looking for earbuds to use with my ipod. the ipod earbuds have worn out and i do not like the in the ear types. so anything that is easily available, and preferably cheap and a reasonably good sound and build quality will do.. any ideas?
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