1. Cyberghost

    Pillars of Eternity II: DEADFIRE

    Welcome back to EORA Eothas has returned. The god of light and rebirth was thought dead, but he now inhabits the stone titan that sat buried under your keep, Caed Nua, for millennia. Ripping his way out of the ground, he destroyed your stronghold and left you at the brink of death. To save...
  2. A

    How to port forward mine ip address which is dynamic

    how to do port forwarding to ip address i tried it but when i save and reboot public ip address changes as it is dynamic ip address
  3. A


    I am building a new gaming PC and I am deciding to buy the parts from lamington road.But does anyone have any idea about Premdeep Computers My IT World Micron Computer Neo Dynamic All 4 quoted me a price lower than Prime Abgb for the same parts.
  4. B

    Laptop Software RAID 0 with Optical Caddy HDD+Internal, How good?

    Hello everyone, I am using HP p028TX as my primary laptop, Reviewed here- [Honest Review] HP P028TX Laptop Review [Core i3 1.9Ghz, 4GB ram, 1TB HDD, Nvidia 830M 2GB, Beats] | NotebookRevie The laptop is Mostly used For Photo/Videos and Gaming. The laptop came with 1TB HDD and I am lately...
  5. S

    Dynamic prices of airline tickets.

    Hi, I am a final year student of Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology, and I will be extremely grateful if you can please spare 2 minutes of your time and fill this questionnaire regarding dynamic pricing of airline tickets. It is for a very important project in my curriculum...
  6. ShankJ

    Unallocated Space!!

    I recently restored my laptop and kinda botched up the process.. Now i have a 570 GB C drive.. Whenever i shrink the C drive, the unallocated space created gives an error on trying to make it into a new system volume.. i need to convert the unallocated space into new volume coz i just cant work...
  7. sanny16

    How do i verify whether the Hard disk is dynamic or basic?

    I just bought a new HP laptop, which has 3 partitions - C drive with 915 gb, D drive with recovery and E drive with HP tools. Now i know that now a days every pc maker are giving a dynamic hdd, but how do i check it or verify it? Can i convert the dynamic hdd to basic without corrupting the...
  8. D

    Help needed to convert hard disk from Dynamic to Basic Type.

    Bought a new Desktop PC a month back and installed windows 8 pro.Everything was fine untill today when I decided to install Ubuntu 13.04.I had a single 1 TB HDD with 3 partitions C-100GB, D-100GB, E-800GB wanted to install Ubuntu in a 30GB partition and shrinked drive D using Windows...
  9. bhutanesedude

    Help me with External Storage System

    Guys, can you please recommend me a System, basically an External Storage System with following specifications: Possibly with its Rough Cost too. Raid Controller Storage with Dual Active, hot-swappable Controllers Cache Minimum 2 GB Battery Backed Data cache across dual controllers and...
  10. Renny

    Reliance ADSL and Metro Ethernet query.

    I hope this is not a repeated query... Anyway, I ditched BSNL and have applied for Reliance Wired broadband, I was told sales guy will contact me in 2 days, then I realized that there is something called Metro One provided in addition to ADSL. 1. I need a dynamic IP connection (switch...
  11. jatin_arora

    Disk Partitioning

    Hello everyone...i have recently purchased a laptop and i am facing problem in making partitions of my 500gb hard-disk.. i am using windows 7 ultimate. i want to create basis partitions not dynamic. i have also tried softwares like easus partition bt i encountered an error. Plz help me to...
  12. N

    best headphone (over the ear) under 2500?

    guys please check these out Buy Denon AHD 310 OverHead Headphone Design for Dynamic Sound: Price in India, Denon AHD 310 OverHead Headphone Design for Dynamic Sound Reviews Online - Infibeam.com Buy Akg Headphones Closed K44 V2 Online | Best Akg Headphones in India | Furtados Online what...
  13. D

    Recovering data loss resulted from converting Dynamic Partition to Basic

    I recently purchased a new SATA-USB adapter and I tried to connect it to my laptop. After few initial struggle, I accidentally converted the Dynamic drive to basic drive without knowing the consequences. Now I search the net only to find out that it causes data loss, and I find myself on the...
  14. D

    dynamic HDD

    hello friends, i have an HDD of 500 GB, few days back i had problem with my os so i decided to install a new copy of windows ,but before installation there were three partions in that drivee: local disk (windows 7) 100 gb My database (all videos software) 270 gb songs 50 gb so i just...
  15. paroh

    Email Dynamic ip to email

    I am looking for a software that automatically email me on my IP chanage
  16. gdebojyoti

    Dynamic disks vs Basic disks

    Hello, Please tell me the difference between dynamic volumes and basic volumes. I tried Googling it, but I didn't understand much of what I found. All of my drives are dynamic. Will it cause any problem in the future? A friend of mine told me that it is not possible to install...
  17. A

    need database driven dynamic charts to be made

    HI i need to prepare some dynamic database connected graph. Now thing is i just started learning php and not still comfortable using advance programming logic. Can someone help me with some chart tools which i can connect to my database data and create charts. Thanks
  18. sukesh1090

    win 8 installation error because of dynamic partition.

    guys i wanted to dual boot win 8 developer preview with my win 7.so i formatted a 50GB partition and went for its installation but when i selected it to install it is giving an error message that it is dynamic partition and i found all the partitions including the win 7 one is also dynamic.so is...
  19. P

    How the websites with dynamic content are updated

    Guys how the dynamic contents of websites are updated whether any automated tools are used to update contents of a page or every time manually open edit the page and update the content. For example take thehindu.com every minute or hour the page needs to be updated with new news whether they...
  20. sam9s

    Trouble in extending a HDD partition

    Friends, I am not able to find solution to this problem, maybe techies can suggest something ........ I have 2 partitions on my DISK 0 and 40GB of unallocated space. Both the partitions are data partitions (no windows). I am just trying to extent my 1st partition to use the unallocated...
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