1. Mr.Kickass

    Kickass Torrents Taken Down By Domain Name Seizure

    Kickass Torrents Taken Down By Domain Name Seizure [Update: Moved to] The downtime lasted for less than a few minutes. They are up now.
  2. krishnandu.sarkar

    Google Domain

    Just got an invitation to join Google Domain!! You can access the site here : Google Domains It's currently in beta stage and requires invitation to join. Generally all the TLD's costs $12
  3. G

    Free hosting

    Hi guys, I'm a student studying in class 12. I have searched the internet for good preparatory materials a lot and to my vain had to waste a lot of time in it. So it thought of building a blog myself and have started creating one but i fell very limited with...
  4. G

    Buying Domain, Host, Blog,etc. Help me!!!

    Guys i'm a class 11 student in India. Recently i was searching in the net for reviews of some good books for preparation for various competitive exams, but to my awhile non of them were seriously the ones i expected to get. They were just too ... with dead links , outdated info ...
  5. Tarun Singh

    Deals and Offers on Domains and Hosting Here

    If you have found an online deal and offer for domain name and hosting,that is running and want to share it then do so in this thread. Give a link (if the link is different from home page ) A brief description (unless it's self explanatory) If it has an expiry date or usage limitation then...
  6. R

    Godaddy domain and 000webhost

    I have bought a domain on Godaddy and have a site that is hosted at 000webhost. My site looks something like, I want to forward my domain such that if I input it should open but this should not be visible in the explorer. Can anyone...
  7. H


    hello , i am harsh gupta email ,i want to host website from pc , i have done it using apache / php now i think of hosting multiple websites from same ip address like those of hosting companies do they host even upto 7-10 websites on one ip add i also want to do...
  8. A

    Switching hosting and transfer of domain name

    Hey guys, I currently own a domain name and hosting on But recently my 1 year package has expired and I am thinking to make a switch because justhost is turning out to be too expensive now. When I signed up with them they charged me at $3.49/Month for 12 months but now they are...
  9. I

    Best domain provider, hosting and website builder?

    Hi, This is not the first time I'm trying to build a website. I've done before recently and it's a bit amateurish. The domain, hosting and building all were done using GoDaddy. Here's the link: Home This time I want to build a better website with more resources, templates, options etc. So...
  10. R

    DNS server joining problem

    I have installed Windows 2003 server and created a Domain named BITM2013. Previously the server had DHCP running with the domain name bitm2009. Now whenever I am trying to join the domain the clients says "bitm2013 domain does not exist".But in a freshly formatted system its joining that domain...
  11. curioustechy

    2 unique ip address in a network

    Is it possible that more than one device have same ip address in a network (lan)? last day at my office incidentally i turned on wifi of my samsung galaxy note and as i saw the wifi signals of the local network popping up. i just configured it exactly as my desktop pc is... but...
  12. SunnyGamingHD2

    Demonoid Shows Sign of Life on New .HK Domain

    After more than five months of downtime Demonoid’s website is showing signs of life again. Instead of timing out, has started to redirect to a new domain, displaying a “403 Forbidden” HTTP status after initially showing a “nothing to see here” notice. While Demonoid is...
  13. ravi_9793

    Get .com domain for just Rs. 280/- at BigRock

    Just found this great deal. Register new .com domain for just Rs. 280/ (including all taxes) at Coupon code: BX8U9AFB84D82B
  14. Hrishi

    Bad news for Cyanogen Mod Lovers.

    Came across this news on CM facebook page. THis is qute disheartening for CyanogenMod lovers.
  15. B

    Network Solutions

    Network Solutions Rs 51 domain How is Network solutions hosting? I am getting a domain from them at Rs 50 but never used them in the past! Any suggestions? You can get domain from here Domain for only Rs 51 @ NetworkSolutions (One per account)
  16. P

    How long does it takes to activate a domain ?

    I have a blog at blogger. I wanted to have my own domain and found the name I wanted with '.in' only, .com was already taken. When I wanted to buy it via blogger from I could not because via blogger .in was not offered. So I directly purchased the domain from Next...
  17. hari1

    Help me in domain parking

    I have a website that I don't want to develop anymore. But I still have about a year before I have to renew my domain name. I registered my domain on speedhost. I was surfing on internet when I came to know about domain parking. One thing that I understood is that it is like giving your domain...
  18. N

    Alternate to Google Apps for your domain ?

    I manage a domain and email of which I have been hosting with Google's Custome domain or rather Google Apps for your domain service. Hiwever the free account there only allows provision to use not more than 10 user accounts. I was wondering, if there is any alternate to this service with...
  19. bhutanesedude

    Windows 7 Connection to Domain in Network

    Geeks, I need to know from basic about how to connect Windows 7 PC to SERVER DOMAIN with Windows 2003. Please help me, I tried google also but could not find resourceful information.
  20. bhutanesedude

    Error in Joining a domain.

    I am trying to Join my Windows 7 PC to a server 2003. I wanted to join a domain "office" but showing me some error. Can anyone help me with this? The error code I get is this: The domain name "office" might be a NetBIOS domain name. If this is the case, verify that the domain name is...
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