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Guys i'm a class 11 student in India. Recently i was searching in the net for reviews of some good books for preparation for various competitive exams, but to my awhile non of them were seriously the ones i expected to get. They were just too ... with dead links , outdated info ........
I just thought of people in the same state as me so wanted to help them in my free time. I thought of creating a blog and putting links, reviews , guides on career etc. But while browsing i just was caught by the idea of having a custom domain. Which way should i take guys a blog or a paid domain( which i think is quite difficult but still recommend the best and effective one) or a custom domain with those .co.something those which offer free options in custom domains. Then which host should i chose if i have to? Would prefer free ones unless they are too crappy. I am ready to learn anything Dreamweaver ...... if i have to do so to get a good design in my blog or website.

If the reply is a blog which one should i go with?

Till now i don't have any preferences, have some 50gb of online space from various companies. Give me some idea !!


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I've been hosting for quite sometime, and for simply updating links etc. (as you mentioned), I wouldn't suggest to get a custom domain &/or hosting space(unless you definitely want one and can spend around 3k on it).

I would suggest go for a free Wordpress or Blogger blog. They are very easy to setup, no coding required and have great themes too, so need to do dreamweaver or anything else. Even I'm using a free wordpress blog and it works amazingly well.


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If you don't want to invest much then you can try with a custom domain. I am currently on with a custom domain buyer on godaddy
Start a blog on Blogger like and buy a custom domain for Rs 99 on BigRock or Rs 109 on GoDaddy like it to blogger and enjoy free hosting by Blogger.:-D
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