1. M

    [OFFER] Register .com/.net/.org Domain Name for $1.99 - Hurry!

    Hi Friends Thought of sharing this exciting offer from Namecheap - One of the biggest domain registrar in the world :) From July 08 12:00 AM to July 11 11:59 PM EST, Namecheap is providing .com/.net/.org Domain Name for $1.99 (I think the transfer is also included) Here are the steps: *...
  2. RizEon

    domain cloaking options

    what are options for domain cloaking/free domains i know a couple of them a) b) any more options then please let know...
  3. Tejas.Gupta

    Free Domain !

    Free Website Registration Only For Reliance netconnect Users :P :!: Reliance Netconnect::Free Website Registration Free- *10 Business Emails *15 page Website with Hosting *Free .IN Domain Name Make sure U Reply here :P
  4. Tejas.Gupta

    Free Domains :D

    Want Free Domain ? Go to * then click get started enter your details then search for a domain. then carry on through its all legit so you will be able to do it. NOTE- You will require Credit Card for Verification.But it will not be charge if you dont click...
  5. V

    Register Domain which is currently in use ....

    Hey guys ... I want to register a domain which is currently in use by someone . I tried back ordering from snapnames , they want me to provide actual name and address and also my credit card details .... should I do so ??? As per WHOIS search I got to know that the domain was...
  6. pra85

    website domain and hosting

    i am thinking of launching a website so there are some points that i want to clarify -where do i buy the ".in" domain from -where so i host my website my website will be only India oriented so i have heard people saying that it should be hosted where it is being used the most.Is this...
  7. pauldmps

    India Becomes First Country to Ban .XXX Domains

    Source: Gizmodo, the Gadget Guide What are your thoughts on this, guys ?
  8. D

    [IMP] Domain Name Grabbing

    I got the below email today. Is this real or fake. Should I be concerned about this. Please guide me through this. I probably think this fake, but just to be sure..
  9. U

    Suggest a Tech Blog Domain Name

    Hey Friends, I have recently decided to transfer my old blog UrbnGeek to a self hosted Wordpress Blog with a Top Level Domain. Is UrbnGeek a good name for a Tech Blog? Plzz drop your suggestions. If you want to suggest another domain name, then PM me. ASAP Thank YOU.
  10. cute.bandar

    How To create a subdomain ?

    I have a domain - , which points to my blog . Now I want to create a subdomain - , which points to some free hosting account. is this even possible with a free hosting account ? if so How do I go about doing this ? Edit: I am trying to create a free...
  11. K

    website hosting and email domain registration

    Hi All, I'm starting a new business. For this i'll be seting up a website and an email domain on .com. The initial email ID requirement will be 10 and space for website is atleast 100MB. Please suggest on some reliable service provider and how it can upgraded in future or transferred to...
  12. nithinks

    Complete Tutorial : Host your own blog / website

    Source : Host your own blog , website | My Tech Yard After many days , I got some time to write this featured article about hosting your own blog or a website. Most of the people think its very complicated, actually its not , here I will explain how you can achieve the same! First, you...
  13. T

    get a .in or domain free for 1 year

    im not good at posting but yesterday while surfing i came thru this site keep India online they are providing free domain for 1 year and after registering with the domain of ur choice you have to confirm it by stating your name and interest in domain when they call you, Note: you...
  14. V

    .IN Domain for just Rs. 91.00

    We are currently running a fabulous promotion on .IN Domains whereby you can Renew and Transfer-In this dynamic TLD at the exceptionally low price of Rs. 91.00 So go ahead and make the most of this fantastic Promotion while it lasts and register your .IN Domain today! Regards, A2Host...
  15. rajwansh2003

    Make my own Domain Space

    Hi... Friends.... I want to make my own domain space and attach with my domain name to publish web page. How can i make a complete setup or any related idea. or some place where i can do training of it. Money no problem!!!!
  16. leo61611616

    Libya Government Shuts Down Are, or Next?

    Ben Metcalfe blogged out a warning after his domain was shut down by He gave the reason "because the content of our website, in their opinion, fell outside of Libyan Islamic/Sharia Law." This, with a number of other factors, was enough for Metcalfe to state that the ".ly domain...
  17. Ecko

    Domain Name For Around $1 @ Godaddy

    Just 2 inform dat new domain name registration are up @ Godaddy for around $1 with promo code SCHOOL99 .
  18. arpanmukherjee1

    New domain name

    hello how do i create a free domain name over internet and host web pages. also how to forward port over router (with admin rights) pl. provide links to tutorial thx in adv.
  19. adiCted

    Add ubuntu to windows domain

    Is there any possibility to connect ubuntu with the windws domain?? I have windows server 2008
  20. Charley

    Archived records for a domain name

    I want to get archived records for a domain name. Can this done by programming a tool ?
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