1. S

    jobs related to dot net ,java domain

    Hi guys,I have completed my 3rd year of engineering but because of a backlog I am not able to get through to final year,I have been trying since two years to clear it but still I'm unable to do so . In these two years i have completed java and dot net courses,so on the basis of 12th,can i have...
  2. Shah

    Help required on Domain Registration

    I want to register a domain name. But, I don't have any Credit/Debit Card. Is there any other ways to register a domain name through Money Order or something like that> Please help me. I want to register a domain badly...!
  3. W

    how to host my own file/video server@ home connected to net

    Hi fellow members, Hope everybody is fine. Ok I have a spare computer, it has a good configuration, but I am not using it much. So I decided to make it a File Server as well as a Video Server, so that users can watch their own uploaded videos/files, etc. Now what I have is a domain name from...
  4. A

    [SOLVED] Wikipedia problem

    Hi! I just wanted to ask you guys about a problem I've been having, one I wonder if you're having too. For the past couple of days, when I try to open Wikipedia, I get redirected to a site that tries to sell me domain names. It looks something like this: Are you guys getting the same...
  5. A

    Suggest a name for my iphone related website

    Hi everyone, I am starting a new website(more of a blog) related to iphone. I’m also wishing to start a “micro brand” blog/list that sends out daily e--mails containing curated news, tips, tricks, products, reviews, app recommendations, … Please come up with a very remember able, catchy...
  6. T

    Sudden loss of connectivity in our SBS 2011 domain in our company!!!

    Hi In our company we are having one windows sbs 2011 domain controller and around 50 pcs with windows xp professional sp3 and some laptops with windows 7 professional sp2; Antivirus is symantec endpoint protection loaded in separate pc made server and all are configured ;working perfectly...
  7. mohityadavx

    Buy Domain and Free Hosting

    Well I intend to buy a ".com" domain and use free hosting with it. Now I have following questions:- 1) Where can I buy cheapest ".com" domain I had bought one from godaddy for Rs 380 its a deal but I want to buy domain from a non US company (Reason : With SOPA so stringent that website even...
  8. Neo

    AdSense Help.

    I applied my blog, glaryGadgets ,(don't laugh at me for the domain) for Google AdSense, and this is the email which i got after 2 days. Can you please sort out my problem?
  9. rakz

    How do I use my domain to use webpages hosted at an external FTP server ?

    How do I use my domain to use webpages hosted at an external FTP server rather than the one provided by my Domain. Eg: If i buyed domain from and purchased FTP to host files from GoDaddy, how do i do redirect my domain to use the index.html from GoDaddy's FTP
  10. M

    Suggest a .com domain name for technology blog.

    I want to register a .com domain name which have word like tech, gadgets etc. please suggest the domain names which are available.
  11. U

    A .in or a .com

    Well, I am blogging for quite a few number of months and its time that I decide buy a domain name for my site. Now I am confused in what to buy one, a .in (Indian domain) or a .com? I do get 50 % of my visitors from outside India, and I could have straightaway get a .com domain. But the thing...
  12. R

    Idea about tech website name.

    I want a name for my website which would be themed on tech contents, and it should end with ly so I could register a domain with .ly
  13. M

    [OFFER] Register .com/.net/.org Domain Name for $1.99

    Here's the LATEST Facebook Deal from Namecheap Details: * - Internet/Software - Los Angeles, CA - Current Deals | Facebook * We're live with our... | Facebook * Our newest deal is... | Facebook Hope they gets 10000 Likes soon and we can register a domain at $1.99 :D
  14. A

    want to start a new discussion forum online- need help for SETUP

    Dear All, i want to start a new discussion forum online with a dedicated domain name. (newbee) Is Web host needed for forum? please help me where can i get the lowest cost domain name + hosting? Regards, AH
  15. v.Na5h

    Is networking domain a low paying job?

    is networking domain a low paying job? lots of people are telling me to avoid getting into networking domain first of all it a tedious,hectic and low paying job. secondly sys admins are not given respect as compared to software engineers thirdly the growth in terms of salary is very...
  16. R

    Cheap .net domain required..

    Where can i get a cheap .net domain
  17. socrates

    Celeb names banned from .xxx porn domain

    "Too embarrassing" apparently. Celeb names banned from .xxx porn domain | News | TechRadar UK
  18. R

    free hosting on weebly

    guys i have seen the reviews of weebly on free hosting .. and reviews were good.. also they can host our own domain name on weebly for free.. can any one tell me about this
  19. R

    cheap online hosting requiredd

    i have decided to make a website and as a beginner i want a hosting plan that is cheap and reliable .. please suggest ... also where can i get cheap and reliable domain names.
  20. @

    Any cheap domain offers ?

    Guys any cheap domain offers going on ? needed a .com domain. Few days ago there was $1 .com domain at Godaddy, are there any similar going on ? thanks in advance :)
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