1. piyushp_20

    best hosting plans required !!!

    hi guys i just wanted to start a website and was trying to find a good supplier of the domain names so i though to ask u guys. can u plz tell me some of the good domain name suppliers in india such as silicon house, etc. and also i am a novice in this field so plz tell me that after buying...
  2. CadCrazy

    Wana by .in domain name

    I want to buy .in domain name. Which is the best site for purchaing .in domain . Please help..
  3. naveen_reloaded

    Rate my site Guys .. and Suggest a domain name for it..thnks

    hi to all I am running a forum... WWW.FUNISLAND.CO.NR please do comment on this one ... thnks .. and can anyone suggest a good domain a name for my site??? thnks in advance to all who replies
  4. Charley

    How to find Hosting Provider of a Domain

    I would like to find the hosting provider of a domain name. The site is running copyright videos and pictures. Help is appreciated.
  5. ashfame

    domain + wordpress

    I have a blog on blogger right now. I am thinking of buying a .com domain for me ( and free hosting for now (frihost) and setting up a wordpress blog. So please tell me every step. I don't know anything about all this. and i would like to transfer previous posts if i can safely do...
  6. shaunak

    TLD Abriviation help

    does anyone know what > .cc > .ws > .bz Stands for? BTW: .tv is not for television but is a domain name reserved for a country!
  7. naveen_reloaded

    Free Domain Service...hurry : Free Blogs, Domain Names, URL Redirection, E-Mail Forwarding found this on net... use it if u want a free domain forwarding service.. * FEatures.... *Unlimited blogs *Web and Mail Redirection *A single login for all your Web and E-Mail...
  8. naveen_reloaded

    Does seperate domain name help?

    hi to all i am running a forum namely as u can see .. i have been using the free to redirect to my forum which is in if i go for say a new domain with .com or .net or .us...something like that..will it increase the traffic to my site... i tried a lot...
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