1. K

    Hard Drive cannot be seen in disk management

    I cannot see my hdd in the disk management and my computer but its visible in The BIOS. How to list the hdd so that I can see in my computer?
  2. s0rdfish

    1 TB seagate not working not able to boot system

    Dear frds can any 1 help me in here i am in big trouble right now:-( in my system i have 1 TB seagate hard disk but from past few weeks when ever i was working suddenly i was getting blue screen error with some words written Word_Word_Word and i couldn't see it bcoz it would restart. now from...
  3. ravi847

    Need a 2tb external hard disk

    I need to buy a 2tb external hard disk. Please suggest some good quality ones. I am not looking for something specific.
  4. D

    Hard disk needed to replace my WD Scorpi Blue WD6400-bevt

    I have an asus k42ja-vx032d laptop with WD Scorpio Blue 640GB WD6400-bevt hard disk. The hard disk is damaged and want to replace it. I wanted to know if Seagate Momentus 500 GB Laptop Internal Hard Drive (ST500LT012) can be used in my laptop. Thanks in advance
  5. A

    psu for hd 6670

    Plz looking for cheap And a8 3870k 8g ddr3 ram 1tb hdd Disk drive 500gb HDD Hd 6670 ddr5 1 gb
  6. bestpain

    wd 1tb green hdd problem

    i had ordered a 1tb wd green hdd through ebay and yesterday it got delivered ...packing was good and was sealed ....it was also reading in bios but when i tried installing windows then error code 0x80070057 is coming saying windows can not format partition,then i tried using it as secondary disk...
  7. tkin

    Need a SSD

    Hi Guys, I'm currently using a WD Black 1TB for both OS and storage. But after prolonged use the disk is slowing down. Specially during boot times. I used to follow a pattern earlier where I kept OS and Storage in two different hard disks, thereby distributing the load, helped when I did...
  8. A

    1tb Internal Hard Disk Required

    Friends My Hp g4-2049tx Lappy hard disk crashed unexpectedly, please suggest a new 1tb Internal 2.5" drive.
  9. A

    Disk boot failure [Re-connecting sata cable and power cable solve the problem]

    I was using net on computer. Suddenly black screen came like we see in windows error screen showing "sad smiley". After that it automatically restarts and black screen on boot-up was showing "disk boot failure, install system disk". This happened lots of time, "while using computer black screen...
  10. S

    Windows Boot failure and Hard Disk Crash

    Hi, My Work Machine (with win 7) fails to boot. It is stuck at the windows logo. Now the IT support guys in my Office tells me that my Hard disk has crashed. And i have no way to validate this. So. Would a hard disk crash cause this failure for windows? I tried start up repair. This...
  11. R

    [Want to Buy] Seagate ST31500341AS (1.5TB) hard disk, F/W: SD17, P/N: 9JU138-300

    Wanted seagate 1.5TB hard disk Required old hard disk as per this specification Seagate ST31500341AS (1.5TB) F/W: SD17 P/N: 9JU138-300 If anyone has this "exact" disk kindly message me or post here I would like to buy it.
  12. RBX

    A Reliable 1TB HDD

    I need a reliable disk and the brands I have in mind are WD and Hitachi. The disk will host OS, but the computer is primarily used to browse internet so I expect no harm to data in it (from unexpected shutdowns due to power failure) because other than browsing internet, it is used to store data...
  13. B

    [Query] New hardisk recevied today no working

    hello my WD My Passport 1TB harddisk was detecting, since it was under warranty i created an RMA and they sent a new one. I received the new hard disk today(had travel 20 km because Fedex didn't deliver it to my place). i connected the hard disk started copying files, in the middle of copying...
  14. Skyh3ck

    Toshiba 500 GB hard disk error, how to fix !!!

    i have a Lenovo B490 laptop with Toshiba 500 GB hard disk in windows 7 it shows my hard disk is broken and may fail soon completely, the pc hangs up a lot, but on ubunutu, mint it works fine without any problem. Can you guys please show me some good ISO image like linux or any app to repair...
  15. ayush_chh

    Protective Padded / Cusioned Cover for Seagate Backup Plus Slim

    Hi Guys, I bought a Seagate External HDD (1 TB Backup Plus slim) last week. I need your help in suggesting a Cover for it. I am looking for a slip in cover, which opens only from 1 side so that i don't have to take the HDD out every-time i want to use it. I liked this one but then there is no...
  16. dharmil007

    Disk Active time spikes upto 100% & stays there

    I installed a fresh copy of Ubuntu 14.04 & Windows 8.1 just Yesterday. Now in Windows 8 There is a pecular problem. Whenever i interact with any object on the screen, the computer freezes, for about 30-40 secs. This happens almost all the time say 5-6 times in 10 minutes. The reason behind...
  17. Skyh3ck

    Install Ubuntu on USB pen drive as like on Hard Disk drive - NOT AS LIVE USB !!!!

    Hi guys I have a Lenovo B490 laptop using for more than a year, its hard disk died so i am unable to use laptop anymore I am tight on budget hence not in a position to buy a new hard disk for some time, so i am thinking to use my 8 GB Transcend pen drive and install ubuntu on it and use the...
  18. Skyh3ck

    Error - "Windows detected a hard disk problem" on my Lenovo B490 laptop, pc slow

    Hi dear friends for past couple of months my pc is working very very slow, and i am getting an error pop up saying " Windows detected a hard disk problem, Back up your file immediately to prevent information loss, ....... " Please see the attached image capture of the error Please help me...
  19. gagan_kumar

    dell E5400 hard disk drivel internal short test failed

    ok i am receiving an error that my hard disk drive has failed when i run the diagnostics from dell......but the thing is the hard disk drive is really making a slight noticeable sound (periodic) and is heating up...... this is happening from last 2 years, till now its running fine i only have...
  20. ashs1

    Transcend Pendrive RMA

    Hi guys :) I once again need your help. 1) My 4.5 months old transcend pendrive has suddenly stopped working since yesterday. Whenever i insetr the pendrive, it shows "Removable Disk" instead of the name assigned & when i open/explore it, i t says " please insert a disk into Removable...
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