Hard Drive cannot be seen in disk management


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I cannot see my hdd in the disk management and my computer but its visible in The BIOS. How to list the hdd so that I can see in my computer?


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Hi [MENTION=317857]karel.izaac[/MENTION],

I am sorry to hear about it. Based on your post, I’d like to know if you are using an internal or external HDD? Is there any error message? If possible, please provide a snapshot and the specific error message. For the meantime, I suggest you some basic troubleshooting steps that may help you to solve the issue.

Option 1:

Check drivers in device manager.

1) Open the Control Pane
2) Select Device Manager
3) In the Device Manager, expand "Universal Serial bus controllers"
4) Right click on your controller and select Properties
5) In the new pop-up, click on the "Driver" tab and select "Update Driver". Then select "Search automatically"

Option 2:

1) Try to use different Port on same PC.
2) Try to use different cable.
3) Try to use a HDD on another computer.
4) Try a different disk to make sure that the problem is with the Port and not with the original disk.

Hope it Helps.
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