1. iatb.gourav

    Tata Sky vs Dish TV vs Cable

    Hii friends .. I want to know about which one is the best between the three in terms of functionality, service and economy ??? I don't have any idea about tata sky and dish tv, so your help will be greatly acknowledged ... Thanks in advance, Gourav.
  2. P

    Tata sky vs Dish tv..Plz help.For PC

    I want to purchase either tata sky or dish tv.Dish tv has all the channels and is much cheaper than tata sky.Its service cost is also low.I am only confused between about the quality of the both.I know its not the computer question.But still if somebody can help me.I want the DTH which has...
  3. Rockstar11

    Dish TV 301.Signal not found :S help plzzzzz

    From the past couple of days my DISHTV has been out with an “301 error - Signal not found” I did try the basic things like reseting the box , removing the vc & inserting it back , checked the cable, the dish, everything seems to be in order. what's wrong with it? how can I fix this? plzz help..
  4. A

    Dish TV or Tata Sky?

    Hi Guys, In between dish TV and Tata Sky which is better as far as initial and monthly cost is concerned? I believe that picture and sound quality of both is more or less same. Am I right/wrong? I got to know that set top box given along with dish tv connection is on a rental basis and...
  5. B

    Connecting Dish TV with computer?

    Connecting Dish TV with computer? Friends, I’ve DishTV [e.g like that TATA Sky] for seeing channels on my TV. IS there anyway to connect it to computer? [without and TV Tuner Card?]
  6. S

    Problem with Zenega receiver - dishTV

    All, I've recently obtained a zenega receiver cum dish tv card to view indian channels here in the middle east. I was playing around with the channel configurations to tune it along with my dish. The dish had been tuned and programmed from India and was working fine before I decided to be a...
  7. G

    can we search channel in tata sky

    hi friends recently i switched to tata sky can we search channel in tatasky like dish tv how?
  8. T

    dish tv monthly subscription

    how and where to pay the dish tv monthly subscription. please help me.
  9. iMav

    Which DTH Service???

    ok guys i know there were 1-2 threads on this but now i got a letter from the cable guy saying tht by 1st feb normal cable will be disconnected and 1 of the DTH service will have to be opted ofr he has nicely tabulated a comparison between his offering, tata sky and dish some main highlights...
  10. dinesh_mettur

    Dish TV vs TAta sky which is best ????

    hi dudes am going 2 buy a Dth ie Dish tv or tata Sky ??? i wanna 2 know which is better i heard that tata sky is costly and Rs 300per month am going 2 buy for a room am a student so i think dish tv is best !!! Rs 3000 and i need to see only sports channel Is there channel package is avail...
  11. Binay 007

    net warriors

    My friend & me are mad scientist ,yesterday we were looking information broadband ,suddenly my friend asked an silly question whether accessing & browesing the net through DTH (dish tv connection or any other setellite tv connnection) is possible or not . Need answer
  12. hdsk.23

    Private Channels on DD Direct Plus

    I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANYTHING THIS IS FOR ONLY POLL/VIEWS PURPOSE POST Please read this full as it is not a joke..... If you are using DD Direct Plus dish then i want to tell u some thing about that. u know that we can watch all channels of Dish Tv(zee network dish) on our dd direct plus...
  13. iinfi

    Dish TV

    i wish to buy dish TV for my home. i live on the 4th floor of a 14 storey bldg. so placing the antenna on the terrace is not feasible. so i want to place it in my balcony .. the balcony faces the west and i live in navi mumbai. Can anyone tell me which direction does Dish TV antenna have...
  14. hafees

    Dish TV DTH Problem

    Hi! I purchased the Dish TV DTH one week ago. In the site they said that, with the purchase, i ll get pre activated viewing card (VC). But the local dealer told me that it will take two days to activate the pay channels. Now even after 10 days, i am still stuck with only the free (DD...
  15. I

    Direct To Home

    hey dz anyone know if there is a DTH service which has all the channels which v get currently? and more i guess ? like i dont want a dish which gets my only ZEE channels and a couple of others but not STAR or just STAR and not SONY, etc is there something which has all of the channels...
  16. U

    Suggest me a good broadband ISP with NO D/L limits

    I am using Airtel Broadband 256kbps at the moment.. But,Is there any broadband provider offering a scheme of unlimited downloading and a minimum speed of 256kbps for a lifetime with a reasonable rent each month? Most ISP's charge according to data traffic and is really annoying.It very easily...
  17. R


    How do I configure Azimuth & Elevation & polarization of my dish. I have the values but anyone can explain how to measure the exact elevation & Azimuth. The dish is configured but signal strength is very low.
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