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  1. beingGamer

    Query regarding gamepad & tps/fps

    hi all, recently i bought a xbox 360 controller. I read that many people prefer gamepads for tps games, my problem is that I am not able to control the camera movement properly while walking/running. For ex i am walking to a direction and moving the camera to same direction, i should be able to...
  2. Harsh Pranami

    Need help with chinese ps2 gamepad :mrgreen:

    I have this chinese ps2 gamepad which has two analog sticks. Everything works fine except the right analog stick. When I opened "set up usb game controllers" from run window I found that whenever I push the right analog stick in any direction, it gives the input of 1,2,3,or 4 button depending...
  3. vickybat

    PlayStation 4 to Cost Less to Develop than PlayStation 3

    PlayStation 4 to Cost Less to Develop than PlayStation 3 Its going in the right direction imo. :)
  4. C

    Royalty Free Stock Images

    Hi Any sites for exclusive bollywood stock images Anyone who could point me to the right direction??? Thanks
  5. papul1993

    Need Phone under 6k

    Hi, I want a phone under 5k. One thats on my list is Samsung corby TXT. But its keypad isnt so good. I have very little knowledge about the current mobile phone market and dont know much about new phone releases. So i hope you guys can guide me in the right direction. Thanks in advance :)
  6. dd_wingrider

    Where Can I Buy TV Shows DVD's

    I am looking to buy all seasons of Lost preferably dvd pack. Can someone please guide me in the direction where can i get it either online or any shops,franchise? Thanks in advance:smile:
  7. R

    Buying LAN cable and connector

    After messing around with wireless gain custom antenna..and all i think using wire to connect is faster.. and I havent ever bought anything like that before.. So could somebody give me the detailed direction to any shop in chandni, Kolkata which sell the LAN cable...and also fit the connectors...
  8. chesss

    Sweet sweet illusion( 56k warning)

    I have seen quite a few optical illusions on the net, and this has to be the best! My mummy thought that I wa pulling her leg. I have excluded the explanation that came with illusion on purpose to make it lil more fun. I'll post the source later. :) If you don't see the illusion.. look...
  9. The Conqueror

    Order of Phoenix - Camera problem

    Hi all! Well today I purchased Harry potter and the order of phoenix.It has somewhat good graphics but what is the problem with the camera? it keeps moving in any direction. Cant i get the camera I played it with first 3 HP Games.Is there no patch/mod to fix this problem? thx
  10. naveen_reloaded

    Microsoft Wants to Buy 100 Web 2.0 Companies

  11. dhawald

    And you thought Fat free was good??(video)

    This is the video I made in my free time. this video is funny but also teaches us in what direction we are going. I would appreciate your feedback. see it here 100% Fat Free
  12. kerthivasan


    HI GUYS. MY FRIEND SAID me that wrist watch of bill gates rotates in anti clockwise direction.. this is bocoz. we all see the hours we have completed but bill gates sees how many hours he still have on that day to ahieve something and this is one of the reason for his success.. I DON'T KONW...
  13. MambaXL

    changing cpu fan blow direction .

    hi folks , i am experiencing heavy noise ( i mean very very noisy ) , since past 4 days from my PC. it's even gets restarted automatically , whenever i play some game , like ut2004, hl2, ut99 etc. my cpu temperatures are quite normal , at just under 50degC. one unusual thing is that ...
  14. mohanty1942

    monitor colour change on direction change

    The new viewsonic E70 monitor changes its colour when i rotate its direction. No speakers or magnets are kept near the monitor (Also it is not the colour missing fact due to faulty/loose data cable or broken VGA pin as you may guess). I have noticed this colour changing effects in some old...
  15. J

    Cabinet/Case Fans - Direction of Air Flow

    Cabinet/Case Fans are a common subject in the forums. For eg. Inlet in the front bottem and exhaust/outlet in the top back. So my two questions are- 1. Can the same fan be used as inlet and oulet, by changing the direction, since logically it seems so? 2. How to know the direction of air...
  16. dIgItaL_BrAt

    iTunes\WMP for Symbian

    Should'nt Apple and Microsoft release their media players for the Symbian OS too? because it's high time we had a proper,quality app for music playback on our phones.Symbian Phones have a large enough user base for Msft./Apple to take notice of.Apple did take a step in the right direction by...
  17. Sourabh

    UT2007 Title Official

    UT2007 Title Official BeyondUnreal has a new Unreal Tournament 2007 logo online with a confirmation from Midway that this will indeed be the official title of the next installment in the UT series. This contrasts a recent report that the name of the series may take a change in direction...
  18. K

    How to upgrade to linux kernel 2.6 from kernel 2.4?

    Hi, I am new to linux and i have a linux distro , based on debian, with 2.4 kernel. I am very much intrested in upgrading to the 2.6 kernel. I would be highly obliged if anyone would be willing to point me in the right direction. I would also like to know the differences between the two...
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