iTunes\WMP for Symbian

Should'nt there be an iTunes\WMP for the Symbian OS?

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Cyborg Agent
Should'nt Apple and Microsoft release their media players for the Symbian OS too? because it's high time we had a proper,quality app for music playback on our phones.Symbian Phones have a large enough user base for Msft./Apple to take notice of.Apple did take a step in the right direction
by launching iTunes for the Motorola ROKR,which runs Symbian.Unfortunately it turned out to be just a single step! bcoz iTunes is locked to the ROKR only.


Wise Old Owl
Correction: The ROKR is NOT a Symbian phone. It uses a Motorola OS.

I guess Microsoft will want to concentrate on their own Mobile OS rather than producing WMP for other platforms. And as far as Apple goes, they are more into iPods anyway. They wouldn't want any additional competition to their iPods.
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