1. saikiasunny

    what the hell should i do??

    hello digitians came here after a long time back. idk if post is about career advise or life advise? i don't know how to start but will do it anyway. so the thing is, i am in a situation which i can only describe as hell. there were some really horrible problems i faced last year. first of all...
  2. A

    How to Programm?

    Hello guys! So, This is my first post here! So, I want to learn programming and I don't like maths. A big problem! What should I do? I'm learning HTML right now, which kinda is easy but something like C++ is very difficult. Any good programmer out there who can give me some tips? Thanks :)
  3. sukesh1090

    AMD Fusion: How It Started, Where It’s Going, And What It Means

    A very good article about AMD APU's future or HSA's future, “Nothing is more difficult than the art of maneuver. What is difficult about maneuver is to make the devious route the most direct and to turn misfortune to advantage.” —Sun Tzu, The Art of War Credit goes to TOMSHARDWARE...
  4. Desmond

    How's your social life/Help with social life.

    Hi all, As you know that geeks are usually stereotyped into guys with low self-esteem, awkward social presence, who dwell in their dungeon-esque basements and type away on their computers. Though a little far fetched, it is actually true (to one extent) for many of us (me included). Some of...
  5. mohityadavx

    Over Ear - Earphones for 2000

    Earbud - Earphones for 2000 Well I think title says it all. I want good earbud ( Please don't suggest headphones or IEM). Don't listen to music much mainly would be used for watching movies on laptop and mobile phone. My budget is 2000 lower the better. Please also give the place from...
  6. A

    camera bag

    Please suggest a good camera bag.. the default Nikon bag can hold my 3 lenses but its very difficult to change n keep in it..
  7. rahul_jaiswal31

    Help me to choose

    Hi friends, I am willing to buy a htc- explorer/wildfire/wildfire S. Please suggest me the device which has killer looks amongst these. I am asking you guys because I live in a small city where these phones are unavailable :@. It is quite difficult to judge from the images from websites...
  8. asingh

    Sissy way to play FPS games

    So...many of us must have tried these tricks and tactics but never confess. Now is the time to own up. Guys this is more for fun, so please do not get emotional. Also, if someone is relating a new release gameplay tactic, use spoilers. Test 'em. My list: 1. Give all weapon codes. 2...
  9. A

    assembling a laptop..?? huh?

    hey guys i have assembled my own PC like 5 times now.. been doing it since i was 9... but i never heard anyone every talk about assembling a laptop... so just wanted to know that is it not possible or very difficult to do it..?? Cos i was thinking of getting one for myself... i really loved...
  10. pepsodent


    For Sale ! SANDISK SANSA FUZE 8GB -BLACK RETAIL PACKED UNIT -VERY DIFFICULT TO FIND (not refurbished or rejected units sold in loose condition) -rockbox support -color screen with wheel to fast scroll songs(in comparison to clip+) -micro sd card slot * Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL...
  11. omega44-xt

    450w psu

    I'm planning to purchase a 450W PSU for my PC. Following PSUs are available in my city : - Intex 450 W @ Rs 650 - Mercury 450 W @ Rs 650 - Oddessy 450 W @ Rs 750 - Frontech 450 W @ Rs 680 Which one of the following is the best ? Note: It is difficult to get any other brand PSU , so...
  12. GeekyBoy

    Socket 939 motherboard required.

    You can view my current config in my signature. A month or two ago, my motherboard failed and i have been searching for anew one. Since it is socket 939 based, it is difficult to find a new one. I would be very grateful if anyone would like to sell their old and working socket 939 mobo...
  13. B

    Mobile Manager Software

    Hello Friends , I am a Sony Ericson w810i mobile user . I request you to suggest me with some freeware Where all the details of my mobile including Contacts , Inbox etc would be easily managed on clicks on my Window XP PC I really find it difficult to save my...
  14. A

    Electronic/Electrical circuits for hobbyist

    I need Electronic/Electrical circuits for hobbyist that work in India. Most of the circuits in website have components which are differently numbered here so difficult to find them. Please suggest good Indian sites,forums or magazines for the same.
  15. Dangerous Dave

    Which is the best linux?

    I wanna install linux on my dell studio 15. please help me which linux should i install. my friend told me u install ubantu. but ubantu is coming with its another version in a month or so. i cannt wait till then so help me decide which linux should i use! also i am a beginner so tell me a linux...
  16. P

    Need help getting LEDs for a project.

    Hi everyone. I'm back after an absence of 4 months - I was concentrating on some projects in electronics. I need some help in getting certain types of LEDs for one of my projects. It shouldn't be difficult for someone who lives in a major city. But I live in a remote location and Indian shops...
  17. r4gs

    19" monitor

    I need to buy a monitor for my pc. I'll be working heavily with adobe flash and photoshop so i need the best image quality i can get. The budget is a max of 8k. I know that crt offers the best image quality but they are a dying breed and its very difficult to get my hands on them. What...
  18. Flashbang

    Far Cry 2 cheats

    Hey anyone can tell me cheats for Far Cry 2 (PC) . I find it a bit difficult so i need god mode , weapons etc.
  19. Dr.tweaker

    where to get ngage qd,any condition

    hi friends,i am really keen to get a n gage qd for me,i know that it is very much outdated but still i want to collect it as i love its design very much and loved its games tooooooooooo. can u indicate at what price(probably used as getting a new one is difficult) at kolkata.I really miss the n...
  20. T

    unlock orkut album

    If you need to view locked orkut album, then you need to use grease monkey script.. the proper method is shown here [link removed - against forum rules] its difficult to post the full source here.. if you have any doubts, do ask me :smile:
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