assembling a laptop..?? huh?

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hey guys i have assembled my own PC like 5 times now.. been doing it since i was 9... but i never heard anyone every talk about assembling a laptop...
so just wanted to know that is it not possible or very difficult to do it..??
Cos i was thinking of getting one for myself... i really loved how the alien-ware laptops looks but they are too costly.. so if its not too difficult to go looking for all the parts of a laptop and buying them one by one as you like or can afford it will be amazing....
So.. it will be a gr8 help if anyone can guild me through this...:smile::smile:

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Not possible.

Max you can go is switch RAM, HDD, CPU (mostly possible, rare to find), GPU (rarely possible, v rare to find).


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You can't assemble a laptop as simple as that. The processors are sold to OEM only. Won't be easily available. The motherboards and graphic processors too are OEM only. And the structure of the motherboard varies from model to model and company to company.


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now am hearing the phrase "assembling a laptop"

dont risk yourself urself dude
just leave it to the vendor na.......!


Well! the problem is the Laptop casing (form factor/ barebone). This also comes in various form factor and thus it makes DIY very difficult.

For example : a particular form factor need exactly the same dimension of components to fit inside its casing. So, first you will need to find the right casing and then start collecting the required components (with reference to your casing).

Now the real challenge in INDIA is you won't get the Laptop CASING /BAREBONE anywhere.

If you are a GEEK and want to show your GEEKEENESS then get the parts and casing from here:

1. For Parts and Barebone (they ship to INDIA also)

2. For Tutorials
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Its a complete DIY job! You should hunt in the grey market, black market and 2nd hand goods market...

Ishu Gupta

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I have already tried. Not the whole thing but just replacing the CPU.

The CPU I was looking for was priced @ 18k on ebay and a laptop with that CPU was priced @ 33k.
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