AMD Fusion: How It Started, Where It’s Going, And What It Means


Adam young
A very good article about AMD APU's future or HSA's future,

“Nothing is more difficult than the art of maneuver. What is difficult about maneuver is to make the devious route the most direct and to turn misfortune to advantage.”

—Sun Tzu, The Art of War

"At the end of the day, we’re not maniacally focused on beating a single company," says AMD’s Joe Macri. "We’re maniacally focused on up-leveling the experience of all consumers. By doing that, many of our competition will fall out. They’ll not have the IP, or they’ll have only some of the IP. Or maybe they’ll be forced to merge, which is a very difficult thing. Intel is a wildcard. No doubt about it, they’re a very capable company and a great bunch of folks. But when you’re the incumbent, it’s much more difficult to embrace change. You only want to embrace unavoidable change because everything else costs money. So we gotta see how they pull their triggers. But I’d hate to be in their position. You don’t know how many people I interview from Intel specifically because their research doesn’t get utilized, because a VP says, 'Hey, that’s just going to cost us money. Maybe we’ll utilize your research somewhere over the next ten years.' That kills an engineer.”

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AMD Fusion: How It Started, Where It


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^^Completely agree with you sukesh.
In fact I am keen to watch what "ARM" brings out in 2013-2014 for its flagship mobile processors.Will they succeed in designing chips for x86 instructions?
If they could bring out multi-core GPGPU chips ,which if incorporated by any manufacturer/vendor such as "ASUS/LENOVO/HP/SAMSUNG/..." to build Laptops/Ultrathins/Tablets;that would cost much less and
function with greater efficiency,not to forget the reduction in power for use.

I am also watching,the trends by AMD for its HSA processing power....which should be awesomely great.
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