1. S

    help to score goals in fifa 08

    hello , i've been playing fifa 07 for a few months . recently got fifa 08 .. finding it rather difficult to score as many goals as in 07. . any tips ? tips in defence are also welcome. . thanks,.
  2. N

    need printer-scanner with bluetooth

    hey guys .. i need a printer-scanner with bluetooth .. i went to the HP store n they told me they dnt hve any with bluetooth (!!!) . theres 3 laptops in our house .. n without bluetooth it would b very difficult to work . so guys .. pls recommend wht u think is best .. thnks !
  3. Gigacore

    Easter Egg in Vista DVD

    Windows Vista DVD: Who Are Those People In That Picture? Kwisatz has discovered a picture of three guys on the Windows Vista DVD cover. Who are they? What's the purpose? Does Bill Gates know about it? He also says there are three more holographic pictures on the cover, but he...
  4. S

    Civilization 4 problem

    I am finding civilization4 too difficult to play.Can any of you guys give me some guides.Also i find it very difficult to capture my enemy's capital city.Even a longbowman there seems to easily resist my high level cavalry.Is there something i have missed?Pls help.............
  5. satyamy

    Capture Flash Games

    Is their any way to capture or downlaod flash games like *www.gamesonapage.com/games/2323/game.html without going to temp folders and all that difficult ways any simple software.........? Pls help me........
  6. outlaw

    oceans 13

    hows da new oceans movie guys ?? how do u rate it ??? i think its a lill bit complicated..... than the preovious ones...,,, lotta stuff happenin at da same time.. lil difficult to keep track ..... anyway... i rate this movie above oceans 12 but below oceans 11
  7. aryayush

    Microsoft Unveils Microsoft Math 3.0

    New software helps students efficiently complete assignments while garnering the knowledge to succeed in the most difficult of school subjects. REDMOND, Wash., May 15 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- According to an independent survey commissioned by Microsoft Corp., 77 percent of teachers and 73...
  8. Arsenal_Gunners

    the sims 2 best way to play

    I have just laid my hands on sims 2(i know its old stuff).i played with a family of four and it is very difficult to keep em all happy.please suggest me the ways i can enjoy this game to the most.
  9. R

    Guide to 5 Firefox extensions you can't live without

    Here's a guide to installing, using and customizing 5 Firefox extentions without which browsing is difficult experience. *www.neobinaries.com/tabid/56/articleType/ArticleView/articleId/407/5-Firefox-extensions-you-cant-live-without.aspx your inputs are welcome.
  10. B

    Do Linux developers lack engineering ethics?

    Re: Welcome Linux, Bye Windows... It seems to me that these Linux guys want to make it as difficult as possible for the end user as they possibly can. I mean why is such an important thing such as GCC not installed by default?. I simply can't understand it. I think it is a conscious attempt by...
  11. H

    Any software for Nokia 6610

    Hi, Anybody will tell me any best s/w for my mobile phone 6610, plz dnt tell us nokia PC suiet (bcz it is very difficult to handle, for ringtones & games). I am using CA-42 cable.... Himanshu
  12. rollcage

    Plz. mention some data recovery software?

    A friend of mine need this.. Actually what happened .. he was about to install FC4 on D: Drive .. but his brother mistakenly converted F: Drive from FAT to NTFS. So .. now the 18Gb data in 20 GB partition is gone. Its kind of difficult to get the data back .. but he can still try .. it...
  13. rajat22

    FireTune for Mozilla Firefox

    FireTune v1.0.9 FireTune for Mozilla Firefox v1.x was developed for an easy and fast optimization of your browsing experience with Firefox. It is based on a collection of popular and well working optimization settings used and tested by the experts. Usually you have to optimize Firefox...
  14. R

    God Of War -- PS2

    I recently bought a new PS2 (I know all of you are gonna scream, with the launch of the XBox 360 nearing and also the fact the prices of the PS2 are going to be slashed by 50%) and the whole of this weekend i spent playing God Of War. I loved the game, the graphics are amazing and so is the...
  15. siriusb

    New kbd & mouse purchase help/

    Hi, My.microsoft.kbd.has.lost.sense.under.the.space.and.up.arrow.key. So,Iam.planning.to.buy.a.new.kbd.and.mouse.after.seling.this.pair.tommorrow. Iam.ready.to.spend.Rs.2000,but.I.want.them.to.be.comfortable.for.24/7.coding.and.other.stuff. I.never.tried.cordless.ones...
  16. G

    alien vs predator 2

    i just recently installed this game and now i dont knw what top do in this !!! i m feeling this as some difficult . and also there is no sound is available so i cant here any thing like conversation between the characters
  17. R

    commandoes 3:destination berlin

    hey guys, has anyone played this game and has completed a mission??? :?: the graphics are too good but the missions are very difficult. for example, I have killed the sniper but am unable to protect general O' Donell. the other two missions are equally difficult. can anyone give me some...
  18. V

    which are the three best spyware programs?

    hi all as all know there are thoudand of antispyware software available on the net so it is very difficult to choose the best one. so write down the name of the best antivirus program in ur experiance vishal
  19. godsownman

    Visual Basic 6.0

    I intend learning Visual Basic 6.0 (VB). But there are a few things that I need clarification on. I know Only " C " . Are there any languages that I should know before learning VB.I mean as a base that would help me understanding VB better. Please do tell me what you think is it the...
  20. bharathbala2003

    IE problem

    hey guys i dunno wat happ to IE but suddenly whenever i open any of my inbox(yahoo,msn,rediff,gmail) the fonts in the letters n other parts of the page bcome small and are difficult to read.. but in anyother page its fine.. :? can ny1 help me out???? :?:
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