1. The Outsider

    Help regarding GPRS inet & Nokia 3220

    i invested money in Nokia 3120 and all went waste as the main purpose was surfing net but 3120 hasn't got a modem. so i'm planning to buy Nokia 3220, if any experienced mate could confirm if the gprs dialup works with 3220 would be very very helpful. i have airtel postpaid & i'm frm...
  2. rakeshishere

    Dialup connection slowdown?????

    I got my pc just 3 months back.....I got dialup connection immediately after i got my comp...I am using bsnl dialup...Dialup connection is generally 56k but i intially got speeds like 52-54k which after a month reduced to 48k and then 30k....and now i get around 18-19k....i tried disconnecting...
  3. P

    help me setup a smartlink dialup modem and connect via sancharnet dialup

    I'm completely new to linux and have installed fedora core 4. I have a smart link 56k dialup modem from krypton and it is working fine in windows xp. I'm not able to install its drivers in linux. At first I used the driver provided by the manufacturer (slmdm-2.7.14). I extracted the...
  4. V

    How to backup McAfee updates?

    I am going to reinstall Windows XP. I am using McAfee Internet suite. How can backup all the update i have made till now? I have a dialup connection so when i reinstall it may take several days to update this. Help me.
  5. Ashis

    Can't LogIn to any web account...What went Wrong?

    Hi Guys! This is Ashis....asking help on a topic...on my friend VijayTheFool's behalf! It seams that his system is scrued & he can't login to any WebSite! He doesn't use any firewall & has a DialUp connection! Whenever he tries to login....all that errors he get is:- ' cannot find server...
  6. A

    proxy help...welp me!!

    hi everyone im using airtel gprs(i.e its a dialup via bluetooth with my cellphone) can anione tell me ..what is http tunnel and what it doess.. also can u plz tell me ..if i can use a proxy in dialup conection to hide my orignal ip ..and to get a anonymus ip Regards anonymusneo
  7. M

    Recovering Saved password

    Hi guys i use winxp and i have forgotten the password of my dialup account . But the password is saved in my dialup connection . Is there any software thro which i can know the saved password .
  8. ax3

    Rapidshare ! ! !

    many people upload files they wanna 2 share on RAPIDSHARE ... bt dialup users like myself cannot download them easliy ... any method or way 2 download them ???
  9. ax3

    New Modem ! ! !

    which modem do u prefer ... external or internal ??? & can any 1 tell me the cost ??? & which 1`s r u using ??? (4 dialup users) ... as i wanna change it ... old 1`s dead ...
  10. G

    bsnl dialup connection

    can anyone tell me that what is the charges for bsnl dialup .. like pulse rate at pick and offpick hours and i heard that after 11 and on sunday internet access is free is that true ?
  11. S

    How to download at 20-30 kbps on 56k dialup connection??

    Hi.. I use 56k BSNL dialup and it gives me speeds on about 46.6 kbps. Now,if I AM DOWNLOADING anything through a DOWNLOAD MANAGER or directly, thru the browser downloader (IE 6 or Mozilla) and even if I am not surfing or even if no other program is using the net while I am online, the max...
  12. S

    Hathway or triband or better

    Hi all I stay in Boriwali(E) or almost Dahisar ,Mumbai. Till date i was very rarely useing to connect to the web at home by using a dialup connection from MTNL. N i didnt mind the slow dialup connection(It connects at app 20 - 35 kbps) as i just used to see my mail once in a while. Now...
  13. a_medico

    kaspersky help~ again

    i want to format my comp...i want to preserve the updated virus definations for my kaspersky pro5. how do i do it? updating again with dialup will be pain.
  14. a_medico

    Dell Inspiron 510M - Net disconnects every 5 mins on dialup

    i have dell 510m, i use dialup on internal modem. when i use the dialup connection on pc, its stable. as soon as i switch on to my notebook..same connection disconects very frequently... i can judge it as both yahoo and msn messengers keeps on disconnecting and reconnecting. its so...
  15. rajeshjsl

    which is the cheapest way of getting internet except dialup

    which is the cheapest way of getting internet except dialup
  16. P

    how to auto redial dialup in win98?

    hi guys i'm asking again i want to know how to auto redial in win98 after disconnect dialup i want auto redial like winxp that redial after 60 second if you disconnect suddnly please help me because i got 50kbps in 98 and 40kbps in xp also tell me is you know how to increase speed...
  17. C

    P2P Connection Problem

    Hi Folks, There is some problem in connecting to Kazaa and Shareaza.It display Connecting and even after 5-10 mins nothing happens. I am using dialup BSNL Jalandhar. Any suggestions. At First the problem is with kazaa only but now both.
  18. P

    Reason for sound when using Dialup N Modem??

    Y modem gives such strange sound when using dialup connection? I have no idea. Any one? Plz let every knows about it. ThanX
  19. S

    Need Help....Me!

    Is there any way I can increase my surf speeds? I use 56 kbps Satyam Dialup with Windows XP pro.
  20. P

    Dialup menu comming again and again???

    My dear friends I have a VSNL Dialup internet ..!@! i m useing WINXP Pro I m intall and scan with Norton Anti Pro 2004 with latest Patern Defination..!! ANd Ad-ware With Latest Defination..!! and SpyBot and Trojen remover.>!! Trojen Hunter...!! and i remove all problemetic...
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